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Waterline Data was founded in 2013 based on the realization that while “Big Data” represented a revolution in data analytics, the increase in volume, velocity and variety of data also makes it difficult to find and use the valuable information buried within the massive landfill of dark data. Waterline’s mission is to help our customers connect the right people to the right data. We automate the discovery and inventorying of data so organizations can:

  • Spend more time using data, and less time searching for it
  • Better comply with data regulatory requirements
  • Reduce the costs of associated with data redundancy and data hoarding

By better managing their data, Waterline helps our customers reduce the cost of data management, unlock hidden value and unleash competitive advantage. Our customers:

  • Make decisions sooner and act faster, because they find the data they need more quickly
  • Reduce the risk of financial penalty for non-compliance with government regulations because they know where data is located, where it comes from and have a mechanism to de-identify or secure sensitive data
  • Reduce the excessive cost of data redundancy by Identifying and eliminating duplicate data

Waterline Data App:
Waterline Data Catalog builds a complete inventory of your data assets in Hadoop, automatically and securely, and lets enterprise users find, understand, and help govern Hadoop data.
Click the link below to get the MapR/Waterline Data Sandbox, a virtual machine with fully functioning instances of both MapR and Waterline Data.
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