World Programming Ltd.

World Programming is a UK-based private limited company that first started business in 2000. The Company develops and distributes a software product called WPS for the analysis, management, processing and reporting of data.

World Programming and the WPS software together have established a worldwide following. With a growing user base for WPS, the Company continues to enjoy a reputation for providing exceptional service and support to customers worldwide. Use of the Internet and associated technologies has shaped the way the Company does business in developing, supplying and supporting software.

World Programming takes great pride in developing software. Modern development methods and current technology has enabled the production of industrial strength software within previously impossible timescales. A Focus on listening to customer feedback drives the production of low cost, high value software.

WPS is used in production on a huge range of systems at sites around the world. Thousands of analysts are using WPS in their daily data processing and analysis tasks, and thousands more rely on the heavy-lifting ability of WPS overnight and scheduled processing to deliver the information they require. Customers are able to choose to run WPS software on IBM z/OS Mainframes, servers and workstations running UNIX, Linux, Solaris, AIX, Mac OS X and the full range of Microsoft Windows operating systems to fit in with existing or planned infrastructure.

World Programming customers include government agencies, international corporations, public and private sector companies of all sizes, charities, individual users, consultants and students.

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