As an expert in the areas of corporate tv, digital signage and queue management, Xarevision administers broad digital networks of centrally managed displays. In this context, from several years ago, our company operates the biggest in-store digital network in Portugal, reaching over 40% of the active population in the country. As a plus, we create highly and truly differentiated interactive media, which include features like gesture recognition, georeferencing and individual addressing.

Stimulated by the growing and defying requirements of the biggest Portuguese retailer, we have thus consolidated our know-how and expanded our activity to other emerging fields, such as wearables for task management and sales support, in-store customer tracking solutions and business intelligence analytics.

Given the great importance of the subject, a separate workgroup was created inside Xarevision for BigData, which aimed to address challenges using new paradigms. As a result of the encouraging achievements, the team is growing and now covers the areas of infrastructure, architecture, programming, operations, analytics and machine learning.

For more information, visit //www.xarevision.pt