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MapR Converged Data Platform

The industry’s leading unified data platform, the MapR Converged Data Platform is able to simultaneously do analytics and applications with speed, scale, and reliability. It converges all data into a data fabric that can store, manage, process, apply, and analyze as data happens.


MapR-XD is a highly-scalable converged storage platform for high-volume enterprise storage, in-place analytics of unstructured data, and archival and protection of critical data. MapR-XD bridges the gap between traditional and new-age applications, and serves as the foundation for your data fabric across edge, on-premises, and cloud. Read the Executive Perspective.

Analytics & ML Engines

MapR Analytics and ML engines include all of the tools needed to conduct real-time analytics and machine learning at scale, backed by the industry's only platform that integrates files, tables, and streams.


MapR-DB is a high-performance NoSQL database for global data-intensive applications built into the MapR Converged Data Platform. It is a scalable multi-model database that brings together operational applications, analytical applications, real-time streaming, and other workloads to enable next-generation user experiences and business processes. Read the Executive Perspective.


MapR-ES is a global publish-subscribe event streaming system for big data. It is the first big data scale streaming system built into a converged data platform and the only big data streaming system to support infinite data persistence and global event replication reliably at IoT scale.

MapR Control System

The MapR Control System (MCS) is a world-class management solution for administering the MapR Converged Data Platform and related cluster infrastructure through a simple, intuitive, and actionable interface. With built-in real-time insights and faster time-to-action, MCS lowers your OpEx and is a vital component in the DataOps movement.


MapR-Edge is a small footprint edition of the MapR Converged Data Platform that addresses the need to capture, process, and analyze IoT data close to the source.

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