Apache Drill

Apache Drill Enables Self-Service Data Exploration on All Data with a Schema-Free SQL Query Engine

Apache Drill is an open source distributed SQL query engine integrated into the MapR Converged Data Platform for delivering fast and secure self-service BI SQL analytics at scale. Drill’s distributed shared-nothing architecture enables incremental scale-out with low-cost hardware to meet increasing demands of query response and user concurrency.


ANSI SQL compliance, SQL user interface tools, and MapR supported integrations with popular BI tools, such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, and Qlik, allow architecture modernization without disrupting current BI analyst workflows. With the ability to discover schemas on the fly, Drill is a pioneer in in-place analytics on historical data stored in popular file formats such as Parquet, JSON, CSV, and TSV in MapR-XD, alongside operational data stored in MapR-DB.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Apache Drill on MapR


High Performance SQL Queries with Scale-Out Architecture

Apache Drill can support thousands of users across thousands of nodes running queries on data that is in the terabyte and petabyte range.


Schemaless Query Execution for Data Exploration

Apache Drill can discover schemas on the fly and enable immediate exploration of data stored in MapR across a variety of data formats and sources.


In-Place Analytics across Historical and Operational Data

No need to move data between operational and analytics clusters.


Connectivity to Popular BI Tools through QDBC and JDBC interfaces

Connect with popular BI tools, such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, Qlik, and many more.


ANSI SQL Compliance

All the SQL analytics functionality you would expect, such as aggregates, filters, sorting, sub-queries (scalar and correlated), create table/ view as, etc., is available out of the box.


Integration with MapR-DB Secondary Indexes for Operational Analytics

Up to 10X query performance improvement due to native integration with MapR-DB, including secondary indexes.


Integration with Hive for Interactive Queries on Existing Hive Tables

Continue querying existing Hive tables. No disruptions to existing BI workflows.


Cluster Health and Resource Monitoring through MapR Control System

MCS gives you a single pane of glass for cluster metrics, alarms, and service logs as well as a curated user experience with streamlined workflows for common user actions.


Integration into MapR Data Science Refinery for Augmenting Data Science Workflows

Direct integration into the MapR Data Science Refinery enables self-service data exploration for data scientists, leading to better models.


End-To-End Security for Data Accessed, Processed, and Analyzed

Versatile authentication mechanisms–PAM, Kerberos, and MapR Security. State-of-the-art encryption to protect sensitive data with SSL and AES 256 GCM support.

How Your Business Benefits from Apache Drill on MapR


Self-Service Analytics for All Users Across Multiple Data Sources

Empower your employees to make decisions with access to business and market insights.


In-Place SQL BI Aalytics and Data Exploration

Analyzing data in-place instead of moving across various clusters saves valuable time and enables faster decisions and actions.


Commodity Hardware for Scale-Out across On-Prem and Cloud

Scale-out architecture on commodity hardware and less manual administration leads to lower TCO.


Protect your data assets with end to end industry standard authentication and encryption standards

Empower your employees to make decisions with access to business and market insights.


Data Exploration and SQL Access for Data Scientists

Direct integration into the MapR Data Science Refinery enables self-service data exploration and discovery, making data scientists more productive.


High Availability Ensures Business Intelligence Continuity

The MapR Platform provides high availability and disaster recovery out of the box, making sure your business continues to benefit from timely insights.

Self-Service Interactive BI for Reporting and Ad-Hoc Querying:

As an architect, you can enable business analysts to develop ad-hoc queries and reports on data being moved from a data warehouse as well as new data being stored in a data lake or data hub. This self-service interactive BI be accomplished at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. Harte Hanks utilizes Apache Drill on the MapR Platform to gain immediate insights from new digital sources of data, including survey data and social media.

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