Commercial Engines

MapR Converged Data Platform: Commercial Engines

One of the key developer benefits of the MapR Converged Data Platform is its basis on well-known open APIs and interfaces. This enables small teams of developers to create enterprise-grade software products by exploiting the built-in protections of the MapR Platform. Even well-established software vendors such as SAP, HP, and Cisco can readily drive large-scale applications on the MapR Platform.

Developers may choose to create applications from big data frameworks such as Hadoop, Spark, and Drill, but they may also access MapR Platform Services using familiar open APIs such as HDFS, POSIX, and NFS for file system operations, SQL and ODBC/JDBC for database operations, and Kafka APIs to access streaming data.

Additionally, developers that are using containers can take advantage of the MapR Persistent Application Client Container (PACC) for access to persistent data in MapR. MapR PACCs are pre-built, certified container images that can be used in container applications to securely connect to and access data from all MapR platform services (MapR XD, MapR Database, MapR Event Store).

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Key Features

Cloud & Managed Services

The explosive growth of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings now extends to virtually every vertical industry or line of business function. Many SaaS companies already benefit from the proven scalability, reliability, and secure multi-tenancy the MapR Converged Data Platform.

Service providers like Rubicon, Cisco, and Liaison Technologies rely on the MapR Platform for the unique combination of open source software and enterprise services. They also rely on the MapR Platform to deliver the predictable service levels needed for modern, commercial data-driven applications.

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Commercial Engines & Enterprise Applications

With MapR, organizations can leverage existing packaged software investments or any tool which uses a standard NFS interface. From SAP to Vertica to UNIX-powered applications and tools, the MapR Converged Data Platform provides a unified system for compute, storage, network, and application layers. Some key categories of commercial engines that support the MapR Platform are:

  • Analytics and visualization
  • Data services and databases
  • Search and machine learning

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Custom Apps

Development organizations are in a permanent state of evolution. They are developing new apps with updated skills and tools while also maintaining applications that are nearing end of life.

Because the MapR Converged Data Platform delivers high-performance, highly reliable enterprise software services, legacy applications can easily be moved to the new platform without change.

For new applications developed with open source tools and languages, MapR proactively maintains the most current versions of the leading projects. MapR is also the only major big data vendor that supports backwards compatibility for Spark, Hive, and other key projects.

MapR also offers developers the ability to promote their applications through the MapR App Gallery. The App Gallery give organizations a one-stop resource to quickly deploy real-time data applications on the MapR Platform.

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When applications go from idea to reality, MapR provides the only production-ready platform for Hadoop, Spark, and related technologies.

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Enterprise Architect

The design of the patented MapR Converged Data Platform speaks directly to Enterprise Architects who know best that architecture matters.

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MapR provides developers the widest variety of popular open source projects for developing data applications.

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