Why Do Demanding Customers Choose MapR Over Cloudera and Hortonworks?

Let us count the ways…

MapR vs. Cloudera (Cloudera + Hortonworks) Features Comparison

Capability MapR Cloudera Hortonworks Cloudera + Hortonworks
Hadoop, Spark, ML, AI Single Platform Multiple Silos Multiple Silos Still Multiple Silos
Easy Enterprise Integration:
(since 2011)
No No Still No
Global Disaster Recovery, Data Protection, Point-in-Time Recovery Yes
(since 2011)
No No Still No
Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud Environment Yes No No Still No
Single Security Model Yes
(since 2011)
No No Still No
Stateful App Containerization Yes No No Still No
AI/ML Model, Version, and Data Management Easy Difficult Difficult Still Difficult
Global Distributed File and Object Store Yes No No Still No
Persisted Streaming for IoT and Edge Analytics Yes No No Still No

AI and Data Science

The MapR platform natively supports both big data applications and data science applications due to many of the aforementioned capabilities. We also support a variety of open APIs on top of our patented enterprise offering to deliver the most value and capability for the enterprise.

MapR supports the AI software development lifecycle, exploration, training, deployment and putting the models into a production environment. Including full support for real-time event streaming and hot-swappable models.

Our competition doesn’t like to share this dirty little secret, but their data science workbench requires a full copy of the data you want to work within your data science tools. This might seem ok for a couple hundred gigabytes of data, but what happens when you want to run on many terabytes of data? Consider all the data movement this entails. In addition, data copies lose lineage because it takes the data from HDFS to a standard Linux-based POSIX filesystem, which has a different security implementation.

Of course you want to and probably already do version your models with something like Git. But would you like to version your data? What about files and event streams? Database tables? Neither Cloudera or Hortonworks support that. MapR does. This is a major benefit of our platform. It is a homogenous data platform for all these different types of data.

As our industry sector is still largely focused on on-premise solutions for its data, the ability to deliver on-premise, hybrid and cloud implementations that all have an intrinsic and universal security model offers us a seamless future migration as and when this industry sector opens up to that transition.

David Hacker, strategic marketing manager for Edwards