MapR Clarity: Your Clear Path to Data Management

Bring your analytics, real-time, Spark, AI/ML jobs; MapR supports it all today

MapR Clarity Program:
Data Management

  • Data access, visibility, and metrics provide you with information, knowledge, and insights
  • HDFS, NFS, S3...Object storage or Hadoop? Bring your analytics, real-time, Spark, AI/ML jobs; MapR supports it all today

Learn about the MapR Clarity Program!

Customers and prospects of Cloudera and Hortonworks are confused – and rightly so. It is unclear which of the numerous redundant projects will stay and which will go once the two companies merge. Offerings will be “rationalized” over time, as Cloudera promises a Unity release sometime in the months and years ahead. Regardless, neither company has any single-platform, production-ready offering in the areas that matter most to organizations today: AI/ML, hybrid cloud, containers, operational analytics, and IoT.

Fortunately, there is no need to wait. MapR provides Clarity today. MapR supports AI/ML and analytics workloads on a single platform. On one cluster. In production. MapR supports hybrid and multi-cloud environments with open APIs, which allows you to avoid cloud lock-in and continue to run legacy applications as is. MapR is a leader and early adopter of both Docker and Kubernetes, and has made containerized stateful applications a reality. MapR lets you apply analytics in real time to operational applications. Only MapR supports mission-critical business applications under production SLAs, all without compromising on data consistency.

With the MapR Clarity Program, customers benefit from:


The industry’s leading data
platform for AI and analytics.
Available today.


MapR experts help you identify your desired business outcomes and use cases, support and performance requirements, and production SLAs. You are provided with a step-by-step implementation plan to migrate from Cloudera or Hortonworks to MapR, if applicable.


Courses cover essentials on topics such as artificial intelligence and Kubernetes,
and deep-dives on topics such as
Spark 2.1 and SQL Analytics.

Every day we ingest a very large volume of machine generated data, so having a fast, reliable data analytics platform is critical to our business. We made the switch to the MapR Data Platform from Hortonworks, and our data ingestion now runs flawlessly. Before switching to MapR, our data ingestion often required manual intervention, resulting in a loss of productivity. Stepping up to MapR has drastically reduced administration time, freeing us to focus on delivering value to our partners and customers.

Charles Wheelus, Principal Data Scientist at Cequint

A Clear Path to Data Management

MapR Clarity: MapR offers a unified, actionable, and intuitive way to manage all data via MapR Control System. With built-in high availability, disaster recovery, and volumes, there is near zero administration required for typical production tasks.

Merger Dilemma: Once Cloudera and Hortonworks merge, will they support Cloudera Manager or Ambari? Why would you develop against a platform with uncertainty about how the platform will be administered?


Learn about the MapR Clarity Program!