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MapR Control System: A New Way to Take Control of Converged Infrastructure

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With MapR Control System (MCS), you can manage any volume, table, or stream from a single interface. MCS gives you a single pane of glass for cluster metrics, alarms, and service logs as well as a curated user experience with streamlined workflows for common user actions.

MCS is built on top of a scalable and secure monitoring framework and can be deployed anywhere – on-premises, edge, or cloud.

MCS Recommendations Dashboard

New Dashboard with Event Co-Relation and Actionable Recommendation

The cluster dashboard is often the most used part the application. In MCS, the dashboard offers a birds-eye view of critical cluster information that includes utilization and resource metrics, YARN statistics, node health by service and by topology, and active alarms.

The active alarms are now part of the metric chart timeline that helps administrators identify the data points around critical cluster events. The details on each alarm list the entities affected, description of the alarm, and also recommended next steps to resolve.

MCS - Create a New Dashboard

Consistent Workflows for Unified Data Management

The user interface benefits from a template-based workflow design that makes it intuitive to perform all common data management actions. Whether the user wants to create a volume, table, or stream, the experience is consistent and seamless.

In addition, the learning curve for day-to-day actions is drastically reduced.

MCS - Monitor Cluster Health Dashboard

Monitoring Cluster Health and Resource Utilization

Built on MapR monitoring, MCS gives administrators an out-of-the-box bird’s eye view of critical metrics to determine cluster health. MCS also helps you track resource utilization (CPU, memory) per node and identify heavily used nodes that can affect topology mappings.

All other host metrics can also be visualized for trend analysis. MapR Database and MapR Event Store operations per node also help identify hotspots.

MCS - Capacity Trends and Usage Dashboard

Backed by a scalable monitoring engine, the MCS UI shows graphs for time-series metrics for the most important cluster parameters.

Administrators can not only plan for overall cluster capacity but also see the top volumes used, which users/groups are using the most, and how the usage is trending per volume.

MCS - Service Log Analysis Dashboard

Service Log Analysis

Troubleshoot issues by going straight to the required logs with a single click.

Whether you want to look at specific services logs or services logs on a single node, it has pre-built filters with these parameters to help reduce MTTR drastically.

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