MapR Editions

The MapR Converged Data Platform is available in two editions, each one suited for your specific business needs.




  Free per restrictions specified in the MapR End User License Agreement.

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For critical deployments requiring business continuity (HA/DR).

  • POSIX file system
  • Distributed, high performance, scalable, reliable
  • Full read/write, NFS access

Apache Hadoop (and Open Source Projects)?Core Hadoop, Drill (add-on), Flume, HBase (add-on), Hive, Hue, HttpFS, Mahout, MapReduce, Oozie, Pig, Sentry, Sqoop, Storm, YARN, ZooKeeper

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Choose one or more

Apache Spark?The full Spark stack (Spark Core, Spark Streaming, Spark SQL, MLlib, GraphX, SparkR), Drill (add-on), HBase (add-on), Hive, Oozie, YARN, ZooKeeper

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MapR Database?
  • Integrated, Fast, Scalable NoSQL
  • Multi-model NoSQL database - JSON document and wide column models
  • Unified administration with Hadoop, table and file administration
  • High performance, petabyte scale, consistent low latency with no disk cleanup ("compaction") delays

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MapR Event Store?
  • Integrated, publish/subscribe event streaming
  • Real-time analytics with Hadoop and Spark

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MapR Converged Data Platform for Docker?
  • MapR Converged Data Platform for Docker supports containerization of existing and new applications by providing containers with persistent data access from anywhere.

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Features and Capabilities

Performance?World-record MinuteSort/TeraSort performance, 4-10x higher throughput than other distributions including Hadoop

Scalability ?
  • Support for trillions of files
  • No restrictions on number of deployed nodes or data

Standards-Based APIs and Tools ?
  • Hadoop APIs and tools for importing, exporting, viewing, copying, and transforming data

Direct Access NFS™ ?
  • Industry-standard NFS access to data for real-time data flows
  • Full read/write capabilities
  • Multiple concurrent reads/writes on any file
  • NFS access in Converged Community Edition limited to single node access
  • Converged Community Edition limited to 1 gateway, no NFS high availability, no virtual IP (VIP) address support

Manageability ?
  • Browser-based MapR Control System (MCS) for monitoring, cluster management, administration
  • Rolling upgrades for incremental software updates

Monitoring ?
  • Complete, easy, deep visibility into all converged cluster operations
  • Customizable and extensible architecture leverages popular open source technologies
  • Sharable dashboards in the MapR Community Exchange

Integrated Security ?
  • Authentication with Kerberos and LDAP integration via Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM)
  • Native authentication
  • Wire-level encryption
  • Access controls lists and access control expressions (for MapR Database)

Multi-tenancy?Volumes, integrated security, and YARN to deploy a single cluster with distinct, isolated user groups and data sets.

Advanced Multi-tenancy?
  • Additional multi-tenancy features including ExpressLane for ensuring small jobs run even when the cluster is busy.
  • Job placement control
  • Data placement control


Consistent Snapshots?Exact point-in-time snapshots for hot backups and to recover data from deletions or corruptions due to user or application error.

High Availability?Ubiquitous high availability capabilities with JobTracker HA, ResourceManager HA (YARN), file system metadata, and instant recovery (for MapR Database Converged Enterprise Edition).


Disaster Recovery?MapR Mirroring creates remote replicas with:
  • Ability to define low RPO and RTO
  • Incremental updates at the block (8 KB) level
  • Scheduling for automatic updates
  • Numerous topology configuration options
  • Bandwidth-aware throttling


Global Table Replication for MapR Database?
  • Real-time replication at the transaction level to avoid data loss
  • Multi-master deployments
  • Bandwidth aware throttling


Global Replication for MapR Event Store?
  • Real-time replication at the transaction level to avoid data loss
  • Global scalability


Real-Time Reliable Transport for MapR Database?
  • Real-time delivery at the transaction level to external compute engines
  • Integration with Elasticsearch
  • Integration with other engines coming soon

Support Features

Community/Forum Support

24x7 Commercial Support

Add-on 24x7 Commercial Support Options (additional support subscription required)

Apache Spark Support?The full Spark stack (Spark Core, Spark Streaming, Spark SQL, MLlib, GraphX, SparkR)

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Apache Drill Support


Apache HBase Support

MapR POSIX Client ?Use the MapR POSIX Client to:
  • Add authentication and encryption to NFS access on MapR
  • Compress over-the-wire data to reduce bandwidth utilization
  • Parallelize access to data on MapR nodes
  • Simplify high availability configuration for NFS access

Secure/Parallelized NFS
  • Basic POSIX Client - 10 client licenses included per customer (additional support subscription for more)
  • Platinum POSIX Client - additional support subscription

Persistent Application Client Container (PACC) ?
  • Pre-built, certified container images for connecting to all MapR Services: MapR-FS, MapR Database, and MapR Event Store.
  • Secure authentication at container level, secure connection.
  • Available in Docker Hub and GitHub.

  • PACCs are available with purchase of MapR Converged Data Platform for Docker
  • 10 Development Licenses Available

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