MapR-FS provides high performance enterprise-grade storage for big data

MapR-FS is a POSIX file system that provides distributed, reliable, high performance, scalable, and full read/write data storage for the MapR Converged Data Platform. MapR-FS supports the HDFS API, fast NFS access, access controls MapR ACEs, and transparent data compression. MapR-FS includes enterprise-grade features such as block-level mirroring for mission-critical disaster recovery as well as load balancing, and consistent snapshots for easy data recovery.

Key Features

With MapR-FS, you get a complete POSIX file system that handles raw disk I/O for big data workloads. You can run it as an enterprise-wide NAS to run existing file system-based applications and systems. It supports:

You can deploy clusters that run on MapR-FS throughout the world and benefit from the architectural innovations that enable speed and scalability advantages.

  • Global namespace to view multi-site clusters as one logical cluster
  • Scale to thousands of nodes, and trillions of files, with extremely high throughput
  • Scheduled, block-level, incremental mirroring to remote sites for global load balancing

In your business-critical environments, you need a platform with powerful yet easy-to-administer business continuity capabilities. MapR customers have run 99.9999% uptime with no data loss.

Use Cases

Altitude Digital Uses MapR as the Foundation that Runs its Business:

Altitude Digital delivers technology that optimizes and streamlines the connection between buyers and sellers of online video and mobile advertising. Altitude Digital is one of the fastest growing video advertising marketplaces and is listed in comScore’s Top 10 list of largest video platforms and is #6 largest network according to Quantcast.

Case study

Experian Increases Insights and Speed to Market with MapR:

Experian uses MapR to store and process more financial data faster, providing clients with enhanced insights and services.

Case study

Kenshoo Integrates MapR in Less Than a Week, No Coding Required:

Kenshoo optimized its data architecture and added new capabilities by integrating the MapR Distribution to their RDBMS-based installations. As a result, they gained multiple benefits from their MapR solution including new services capabilities, increased performance, better reliability and cost savings.

Case study