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MapR-FS provides high performance enterprise-grade storage for big data

MapR-FS is a POSIX file system that provides distributed, reliable, high performance, scalable, and full read/write data storage for the MapR Converged Data Platform. MapR-FS supports the HDFS API, fast NFS access, access controls MapR ACEs, and transparent data compression. MapR-FS includes enterprise-grade features such as block-level mirroring for mission-critical disaster recovery as well as load balancing, and consistent snapshots for easy data recovery.

Key Features

With MapR-FS, you get a complete POSIX file system that handles raw disk I/O for big data workloads. You can run it as an enterprise-wide NAS to run existing file system-based applications and systems. It supports:

You can deploy clusters that run on MapR-FS throughout the world and benefit from the architectural innovations that enable speed and scalability advantages.

  • Global namespace to view multi-site clusters as one logical cluster
  • Scale to thousands of nodes, and trillions of files, with extremely high throughput
  • Scheduled, block-level, incremental mirroring to remote sites for global load balancing

In your business-critical environments, you need a platform with powerful yet easy-to-administer business continuity capabilities. MapR customers have run 99.9999% uptime with no data loss.