MapR Orbit Cloud Suite

Cloud Vision

Organizations start their cloud journey in different places and with different needs in mind. A key driver for some is the agility that comes with being able to spin instances up and down, while for others it is all about cost savings. Whatever the motivation, it has never before been possible for organizations to maximize - or even achieve - these advantages across cloud platforms and across cloud models. Never before, that is, until now.


MapR Orbit Cloud Suite

With MapR Orbit Cloud Suite our vision is to empower you to unleash your full cloud potential wherever you are in your cloud journey. We do this with unique value-add capabilities across all cloud operating models including: private cloud, public cloud, multi-cloud, and edge.

Why MapR Orbit?

Enabling Cloud Builders to Create Converged Clouds


“Whether a business seeks to deploy MapR as a Service or stand up a business continuity solution, Outscale can deliver a public, hybrid or private Cloud solution through our network of global data centers. Many of our customers already benefit from existing multi-tenancy capabilities provided by MapR. We look forward to leveraging future innovations from MapR in this area and others, as they become available.”
--Rob Rosborough, CEO, Outscale Inc.

MapR serves as the perfect foundation for organizations choosing to build their own cloud platforms. Unique features for private cloud include:

  • Cloud-Scale Multi-Tenancy.* Enables platform sharing through support for multiple user namespaces, allowing a single data platform to be securely shared by multiple organizations with different users and groups. This feature builds on the unique MapR capability to logically group and secure data through volumes.
  • Integration with OpenStack Manila.* Allows the OpenStack cloud operating system to provision MapR file resources in a multi-tenant way, enabling MapR to be the file storage medium for private or public clouds.

Better Leverage Public Cloud


Run your Big Data workloads in any public cloud. Unique features for public cloud include:

  • Cloud-Native Operations. A cloud-aware provisioning and management tool that deploys underlying cloud infrastructure along with MapR software. It supports the ability to scale up the cluster with a single click and turn off a cluster that isn't currently in use. And it uniquely offers full customization of cloud deployments, allowing organizations to use any existing or new cloud-specific features and the cloud deployment tooling of their choice.
  • Object Tiering.* Auto-archive cold data to cloud storage for cost savings, while keeping the metadata in the MapR global namespace for easy accessibility and recall. (Available under Early Access Program.)
  • Cloud Storage Integration. Integrations with major cloud object storage systems, including AWS S3, Azure Blob storage, Google Cloud Storage, and OpenStack Swift, to simplify the movement of data between the MapR Converged Data Platform and native cloud stores.
  • RESTful APIs. A set of APIs for MapR Platform data services, including File, Database, and Streaming, making it easy for applications to interact with the platform in a cloud-native manner.

Power Cross-Cloud Data Fabrics


Minimize lock-in and maximize business continuity by running MapR on multiple clouds at once. Unique features for multi-cloud include:

  • Mirroring. Provides secure, network-optimized, point-in-time consistent data replication between MapR clusters, whether intra-cloud, inter-cloud, or between on-premises and cloud.
  • Replication. Provides real-time synchronization of database changes and streaming messages between a fabric of clusters. It enables active/active data assets with application failover.

Learn More in Ted Dunning’s Whiteboard Walkthrough on: “MapR: Big Data in the Cloud”

Extend to the Edge


Act Locally, Learn Globally. Store, process, and analyze data close to the (IoT) source while replicating data to central data centers or the cloud for deeper insights. Unique features for MapR Edge include:

  • Edge to Cloud File Migrate. Automatically move files from a MapR Edge cluster to cloud object storage in real time.
  • Small Footprint. Optimized for IoT edge deployment scenarios.
  • Data Queueing. Buffer events when network connections are poor or unavailable.
  • Bandwidth Optimization. Ensures replication from edge to core doesn't overwhelm network connections when bandwidth does become available.

Key Features

Public Cloud Multi-Cloud Cloud Builders Edge and IoT
  • Cloud Installer for AWS and Azure.
  • Object Tiering* to auto-archive cold data to cloud storage. (Available under Early Access Program.)
  • Connectors to cloud object storage systems.
  • Mirroring of files between clouds.
  • Replication of tables and streams between clouds.
  • Cloud-Scale
  • Plugin for Openstack Manila.* Use OpenStack Cloud OS to provision MapR file resources in multi-tenant way.
  • Small footprint.
  • Edge to
    Cloud File Migrate.*
  • Queuing and throttling for bandwidth-constrained environments.

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Capabilities of MapR Orbit Cloud Suite are built upon The MapR Converged Data Platform

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