Hue (Hadoop User Experience) offers a web GUI to Hadoop users to simplify the process of creating, maintaining, and running many types of Hadoop jobs. Hue is made up of several applications that interact with Hadoop components, and has an open SDK to allow new applications to be created. Applications included in Hue include:

  • FileBrowser: Graphical interface for browsing files stored in MapR-FS.
  • Beeswax: Beeswax - Create and execute Hive queries.
  • Impala App: Create and execute Impala queries.
  • Oozie App: Create, submit, and schedule Oozie workflows and bundles.
  • Pig App: Create and execute Pig scripts.
  • HBase Browser: Explore and modify HBase tables and data.
  • Table Browser: Access Hive metadata.
  • Search App: Query Solr and Solr Cloud.
  • Job Browser: View and access MapReduce jobs.
  • Job Designer: Create and execute MapReduce jobs.


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