What's Included

MapR Module Enterprise Premier
Cloud Scale Data Store MapR XD · Unlimited Basic POSIX Client (FUSE-Based)
· Unlimited Container Client (PACC)
· Adv. Data Protection with Instant Snapshots
· Disaster Recovery with Multi-site Mirroring
- Multi Tenancy Protection
- Cloud File Migration
- Snapshots
- Erasure Coding
- NFSv4
- Global Namespace
- Compression
- Unified Security
- Multi-tenancy
- Quotas
- Trillions of Files
- Data Topologies
- Cloud Scale Resiliency
- Built-in File system
- Self-Healing
- Data Protection Replication
- Auto-balancing
· MapR Management
· MapR Monitoring
- Thousands of Volumes
· Multi-site Mirroring (Across Edge, Multiple Clouds and On-Premises)

· Cloud-Optimized Installer for AWS and Azure. (GCE Coming Soon)
MapR XD extensions Platinum POSIX clients
Object Tiering
Document Database MapR-Document Database - Real-time table replication
- Global Multi-master active/active deployments
- Powerful data access via native secondary indexes
- OJAI smart query execution
- 2 Instances Multi-MFS
· HBase API for MapR-DB
- Ability to use HBase API to build apps on MapR-DB
- MapR-DB Change Data Capture (CDC)
- Granular change data propagation for selected columns/fields
- Global streams consumption (local, remote - either via streams replication or as a stream on remote cluster)
- Arbitrary fan-out of consumers
- Comprehensive Change Data API
- Ordered at least once delivery
Self tuning and automatic optimizations
Strong consistency
SLAs with horizontal scale
Native JSON document data model
Comprehensive data types
Granular & efficient operations
Trillions of documents
Millions of tables
Rich OJAI API for app development
Built-in multi tenancy
Fine grained access control with ACEs
Queries with Apache Hive
Comprehensive Management
Granular metrics & monitoring w/Spyglass
Easy install & rolling upgrades
Event Data Streams MapR-ES · Real-time global stream replication
· Kafka API
· Kafka Connect
· Kafka REST API
· Automatic partition balancing
· Multi-tenancy
- Millions of Streams
- Billions of Topics
Analytics & ML Engines Hadoop · MapR-DB OJAI Connector for Apache Hive
In addition to MapR-XD Enterprise Standard
· MapReduce
· Hive
· Pig
· Sqoop and Sqoop2
· Flume
· Oozie
· Mahout
· Storm
· Hue
· Object Connectors to S3, Azure Blob and SWIFT
Spark In addition to MapR-XD Enterprise Premier and MapR Analytics with Hadoop Enterprise Standard:
· MapR-DB OJAI Connector for Apache Spark
. MapR-DB Binary Connector for Apache Spark
· Spark Core
· Spark SQL
· Spark Streaming
· Spark MlLib
· GraphX
· SparkR
- Support for Spark Standalone, Spark on YARN, and Spark on Mesos
- MapR Streams Integration
· Object Connectors to S3, Azure Blob and SWIFT
Drill - Optimized queries w/secondary indexes on MapR-DB JSON
Schema-less queries
Queries on File System
Native File formats(Text,JSON,Parquet)
Queries on Hive tables
Queries on MapR-DB tables
Complex types support
Low latency optimizations
Distributed execution
Basic & Kerberos authentication
MapR Security
Drill web UI
JDBC/ODBC drivers
Monitoring w/Spyglass
Data Science Refinery - Pre-configured Data Science Refinery Docker container with native platform access
- Apache Zeppelin + support for integration with Spark, PySpark, SparkR, SparkSQL, Hive, Pig, and Drill
Bundle MapR Platform MapR Platform Bundle Enterprise Premier for Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD). Subscription includes MapR-XD Enterprise Premier HDD, MapR Analytics with Hadoop Enterprise Premier, MapR Advanced Analytics with Spark Enterprise Premier, MapR Interactive SQL Engine with Drill Enterprise Premier, MapR Document Database Enterprise Premier, and MapR Event Data Streams Enterprise Premier.

The MapR Converged Community Edition is available free of cost with usage restrictions specified in the MapR End User License Agreement, and with community forum support.
Read More: The MapR Converged Community Edition
Licensing information: MapR End User License Agreement

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