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What's New in MapR 6.0?

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MapR 6.0 powers DataOps, helping you unleash greater value from all your data in less time.

The data struggle is real. Last generation and even newer technologies are limiting and lead to silos across the organization, which hinder innovation, collaboration, and access to data. DataOps has emerged as a practice to bring together functions from across the organization, including data scientists and engineers, to make data work harder and turn it into value quicker.

With the 6.0 release, MapR powers your DataOps teams by further reducing the technology friction often present when turning data into value. Key innovations in this release include:

  • A best-in-class database management system for building global data-intensive applications
  • A data science offering that scales to fit the needs of all data science teams​
  • Automated platform health and security capabilities

Our most ambitious product offering to date, MapR 6.0 is capped off by the new MapR Control System (MCS), a beautiful and unified management solution for efficiently administering all data in the MapR Converged Data Platform and underlying cluster infrastructure.

MapR Control System screenshots

The new MapR Control System (MCS) is a world-class management solution for administering the MapR Converged Data Platform and related cluster infrastructure through a simple, intuitive, and actionable interface. ​ With built-in real-time insights and faster time-to-action, MCS lowers your OpEx and is a vital component in the DataOps movement. Read the blog.


MapR-DB is a high-performance database for global data-intensive applications built into the MapR Converged Data Platform. It is a global multi-model database that brings together operational applications, analytical applications, real-time streaming, and other workloads to enable next-generation data-intensive applications.

MapR Data Science Refinery logo

MapR Data Science Refinery is the scalable data science notebook offering with native platform access, superior out-of-the-box security, and automatic model storage with mirroring and sharing.

Key benefits of the MapR Data Science Refinery include more accurate results by making available direct and secure access to all data, higher data science productivity through support for many popular tools and libraries, and lower TCO through easy-to-deploy container images.

Single-Click Security, Cloud-scale Multi-Tenancy, and More​

DataOps innovations

MapR 6.0 includes many other enhancements across the distribution. Single-click security enhancements dramatically simplify the process of securing large portions of the platform. Monitoring metrics are written to MapR-ES, allowing for greater security and scale.

MapR volume metrics are available via an extensible volume dashboard in Grafana. Originally announced as part of MapR Orbit Cloud Suite, cloud-scale multi-tenancy is now available. Learn about these features and more.

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