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The Business Value of the MapR Data Platform (2020-05-25T07:00:00.000Z)
Realizing the Full Potential of Your Cloud Investment (2019-02-27T07:00:00.000Z)
Benchmarking Neural Networks on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Mapr (2018-12-18T07:00:00.000Z)
An Instinet-MapR Paper (2018-10-22T07:00:00.000Z)
12 Rules for a Data Fabric (2018-09-10T07:00:00.000Z)
AMD and MapR Enable Big Data Analytics from the Edge to the Cloud (2018-08-07T07:00:00.000Z)
Production-Ready High-Speed Data Access for AI & Deep Learning Workloads (2018-07-31T00:00:00.000Z)
Dealing with The AI and Analytics Data Explosion (2018-07-13T00:00:00.000Z)
MapR 6.0 Makes the Database Choice for Next-Gen Apps Easy (2018-07-11T00:00:00.000Z)
The Modern Data Fabric - What It Means to Your Business (2018-07-10T00:00:00.000Z)
MapR Security (2018-06-26T00:00:00.000Z)
MapR Object Store with S3-Compatible API (2018-06-25T00:00:00.000Z)
MapR Industry Guide for Manufacturing (2018-06-04T00:00:00.000Z)
MapR Industry Guide For Big Data In Media And Entertainment (2018-04-25T00:00:00.000Z)
MapR Industry Guide to Oil and Gas (2018-04-25T00:00:00.000Z)
MapR Industry Guide For Big Data In Federal Agencies And The Public Sector (2018-03-10T12:00:00.000)
MapR Secures The Datadriven Enterprise (2018-02-13T12:00:00.000Z)
Edge-to-Cloud Data Fabric (2018-02-09T00:00:00.000Z)
MapR Data Governance Without Compromise (2018-01-04T00:00:00.000Z)
DataOps: an Agile Methodology for Data-Driven Organizations (2017-11-07T12:00:00.000)
MapR Industry Guide to Big Data in Financial Services (2017-09-19T12:00:00.000)
Analyzing the Performance of MapR Database, a NoSQL Database in the MapR Converged Data Platform (2017-08-23T12:00:00.000Z)
Agile Data Processing Pipelines Using Microservices and MapR (2017-07-28T12:00:00.000Z)
MapR Guide to Big Data in Retail (2017-06-07T12:00:00.000Z)
Ten Reasons Why Customers Choose MapR XD (2017-06-06T00:00:00.000Z)
MapR Edge for the Internet of Things (2017-05-10T00:00:00.000Z)
The Data Platform for Better Biometrics (2017-05-05T00:00:00.000Z)
MapR Guide to Big Data in Telecommunications (2017-04-17T12:0:00.000Z)
MapR Guide to Big Data in Healthcare (2017-01-26T18:44:58.000Z)
Getting Value from Big Data and Data Science in the Enterprise (2017-01-25T21:40:23.000Z)
TechValidate Survey: Why a Converged Data Platform is Your Key to Competitive Advantage (2017-01-10T17:20:16.000Z)
The First Global Big Data Maturity Survey (2017-01-10T16:57:11.000Z)
Government (2016-11-01T21:11:52.000Z)
Healthcare (2016-11-01T21:09:29.000Z)
Manufacturing (2016-11-01T21:07:05.000Z)
Technology Information Services - Telecommunications (2016-11-01T21:03:45.000Z)
Retail Info Services (2016-11-01T20:58:54.000Z)
Technology Information Services (2016-11-01T20:51:36.000Z)
Telecommunications (2016-11-01T20:45:15.000Z)
Financial Services (2016-11-01T20:41:13.000Z)
Security Products and Services (2016-11-01T20:28:47.000Z)
Insight Platforms Accelerate Digital Transformation (2016-10-17T21:47:58.000Z)
Building Blocks for Data Lakes (2016-10-04T20:33:06.000Z)
The Need for Big Data Governance (2016-08-10T21:00:09.000Z)
forrester-nosql-wave-2016-define-your-nosql-strategy (2016-08-09T17:15:14.000Z)
TDWI Checklist: 7 Best Practices for Streaming Analytics - 2016 (2016-07-28T21:29:32.000Z)
Persistent Storage for Enterprise-Grade Spark Applications (2016-07-25T15:58:25.000Z)
The MapR Difference (2016-04-11T21:40:25.000Z)
IDC Researches the Business Value of MapR (2016-02-22T20:59:04.000Z)
Toward a Converged Data Platform (2016-02-19T21:46:06.000Z)
Mike Leone of ESG Lab tested MapR Event Store (2016-02-19T21:42:07.000Z)
Selecting a Big Data Platform: Building a Data Foundation for the Future (2016-01-27T16:53:38.000Z)
MapR Named a Leader in Big Data Hadoop Distributions Report by Independent Research Firm (2016-01-15T17:50:29.000Z)
MapR Event Store: Enabling Real-Time Hadoop (2015-12-06T19:53:05.000Z)
When Streaming Becomes Strategic (2015-12-03T19:12:12.000Z)
Accelerating Hadoop Applications with the MapR Distribution Using Flash Storage and High-Speed Ethernet (2015-11-30T17:43:03.000Z)
Raising the Bar for Self-Service Analytics (2015-11-18T20:35:14.000Z)
TDWI Best Practices Report: Hadoop for the Enterprise (2015-11-18T19:53:22.000Z)
Putting Big Data to Work Without IT Complexity (2015-11-17T19:41:47.000Z)
Data Lake Principles & Economics (2015-11-12T18:19:30.000Z)
Hadoop Readiness Guide (2015-11-06T01:44:47.000Z)
Why Spark Matters (2015-10-29T19:00:05.000Z)
Apache Spark Cheat Sheet (2015-10-14T19:18:03.000Z)
Eight Tips for Modernizing a Data Warehouse (2015-08-27T16:10:22.000Z)
Predictive Maintenance using Hadoop for the Oil and Gas Industry (2015-05-21T23:10:03.000Z)
Delivering Fastest Time-to-Value for SQL-on-Hadoop (2015-05-18T21:31:19.000Z)
Operational Intelligence (2015-04-15T17:55:23.000Z)
Zeta Architecture (2015-04-14T17:02:31.000Z)
Data Centric Enterprise (2015-04-14T17:02:02.000Z)
Key Elements to Include in Your Hadoop RFP (2015-04-03T00:53:09.000Z)
Driving The Next Generation Data Architecture with Hadoop (2015-03-26T17:46:40.000Z)
Next Generation Genome Sequencing Using MapR (2015-03-20T16:07:00.000Z)
Security and Big Data Governance with MapR (2015-03-11T19:49:36.000Z)
Extending Hadoop Towards the Data Lake (2015-03-06T17:35:36.000Z)
Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Hadoop Distribution (2015-02-23T18:25:11.000Z)
SQL-on-Hadoop Engines Explained (2015-02-23T18:21:12.000Z)
The Hadoop Data Refinery (2015-02-23T18:07:07.000Z)
Enterprise-grade Hadoop: The Building Blocks (2015-02-23T17:32:47.000Z)
Optimize Your Enterprise Architecture (2015-02-23T17:27:39.000Z)
Key Considerations When Productionizing Hadoop (2015-02-20T19:53:10.000Z)
CITO Internet of Everything Era (2015-02-20T19:40:25.000Z)
IDC Achieving the Real-Time Enterprise with MapR (2015-02-20T19:33:49.000Z)
ESG Lab Spotlight Report 2014 (2015-02-20T18:10:04.000Z)
EMA Next Generation of Data-Driven Security (2015-02-20T18:05:55.000Z)
EMA Foundations for Data-Driven Enterprises (2015-02-20T17:59:28.000Z)
Putting Hadoop to Work the Right Way (2015-02-20T17:34:49.000Z)
Addressing Fraud and Privacy Issues (2015-02-20T17:19:39.000Z)
TDWI Checklist Report (2015-02-10T18:17:11.000Z)
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator (2015-02-07T04:54:37.000Z)
Gigaom Hadoop/Data Warehouse Interoperability Report (2015-02-03T23:12:56.000Z)
MapR Implements Native Authentication Security for Hadoop (2014-10-06T04:13:29.000Z)
TeraSort Benchmark Comparison for YARN (2014-09-16T22:53:31.000Z)
MapR ties YARN and HP Vertica to its MapR Distribution (2014-03-31T18:57:49.000Z)
MapR M7 Performance – Client Advisory Note (2014-03-07T01:53:08.000Z)
Launching a MapR Cluster on Google Compute Engine (2014-02-04T01:53:09.000Z)
Apache Drill - Interactive Ad-Hoc Analysis at Scale (2014-01-27T07:14:02.000Z)
MapR Technologies M7 Making Big Data Work for Everyone (2013-09-05T17:24:49.000Z)


MapR Clarity for Predictive Maintenance with RapidMiner (2019-03-01T00:00:00.000)
The MapR Clarity Program for Data Warehouse Optimization and Modernization (2019-01-25T00:00:00.000)
HPE MapR Joint Solution Brief (2018-11-27T00:00:00.000)
Dataware (2018-11-14T00:00:00.000)
Deloitte MapR Partner Brief for Retailers (2018-10-25T00:00:00.000)
Choosing a New Data Platform (2018-09-18T00:00:00.000)
Data Tiering with MapR (2018-06-25T00:00:00.000)
MapR for GDPR (2018-03-14T12:00:00.000)
MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes (2018-03-05T00:00:00.000Z)
MapR Database (2018-02-05T00:00:00.000Z)
MapR Control System (2017-11-20T00:00:00.000Z)
MapR Data Science Refinery (2017-10-24T12:00:00.000)
Database For Global Data-Intensive Applications (2017-09-25T00:00:00.000)
Ten reasons why customers choose MapR Database (2017-09-25T00:00:00.000)
MapR Perspective on Cloud (2017-08-28T12:00:00.000)
MapR XD Object Tiering (2017-08-26T12:00:00.000)
MapR Distributed File and Object Store (MapR XD) (2017-06-05T00:00:00.000Z)
MapR Converged Data Platform (2017-05-03T00:00:00.000Z)
MapR Platform Including Spark (2016-06-23T05:55:25.000Z)
MapR Monitoring (2016-06-22T21:14:16.000Z)
MapR Event Store for Apache Kafka Datasheet (2015-12-08T04:33:44.000Z)
The MapR Converged Community Edition (2015-05-21T23:30:45.000Z)
MapR Google Cloud Platform (2015-02-09T19:58:24.000Z)
Apache™ Hadoop® for the MapR Converged Enterprise Edition (2014-10-09T22:07:39.000Z)
Apache™ Drill™ - Self-Service Data Exploration for Hadoop® and NoSQL (2014-09-16T08:05:38.000Z)
Why MapR (2014-08-18T23:33:26.000Z)
Professional Services (2014-02-11T00:48:43.000Z)


Appfluent and MapR: Optimize and Harness the Power of Your Big Data Assets (2014-08-11T17:25:14.000Z)
BMC Control-M for Hadoop Accelerates Big Data Application Delivery (2015-08-28T20:31:16.000Z)
Big Data and Apache Hadoop for the Banking and Securities Industry (2014-06-24T18:45:33.000Z)
Big Data and Apache Hadoop for the Healthcare Industry (2015-05-08T20:52:09.000Z)
Big Data and Apache Hadoop for the Oil and Gas Industry (2015-04-13T17:29:38.000Z)
Big Data and Apache Hadoop for the Pharmaceutical Industry (2014-09-04T00:34:41.000Z)
Calculate Your Total Cost of Ownership of Apache Hadoop® (2015-02-18T16:58:11.000Z)
Cisco Publishes First-Ever Industry-Standard Benchmark Results for Big Data Systems (2015-01-28T23:52:25.000Z)
Cisco UCS Common Platform Architecture for Big Data with MapR: Delivering Advanced Performance for Hadoop Workloads (2014-04-11T21:23:41.000Z)
Concurrent: Reliable and Reusable Tooling to Quickly Build Data Products (2015-03-10T22:54:13.000Z)
Create and Drive Big Data Success Don’t Get Left Behind (2015-07-27T23:16:39.000Z)
Datameer and MapR: Find the Signal in the Big Data Noise (2014-08-15T22:05:10.000Z)
Diyotta Delivers Seamless Data Integration with MapR (2015-01-27T21:54:52.000Z)
Enterprise Data Hub (2014-05-30T18:32:46.000Z)
Enterprise Data Hub: Optimizing Your Data Architecture with Hadoop (2014-05-26T23:32:01.000Z)
Enterprise-grade Big Data Analytics with SAP HANA Vora and MapR (2016-08-03T23:07:43.000Z)
Fraud Detection Solution at a Large Regional Bank (2016-12-16T07:14:40.000Z)
Get Ahead Of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) With MapR And Talend (2017-10-03T12:00:00.000)
HP Vertica and MapR Solution Brief (2014-02-14T07:03:53.000Z)
Informatica and MapR: Build Your Enterprise Data Hub with Confidence (2014-08-11T16:26:00.000Z)
Informatica and MapR: Data Warehouse Optimization (2014-06-26T22:43:55.000Z)
Informatica and MapR: Harness Real-Time Insight from Your Streaming Data (2014-08-11T16:23:39.000Z)
Information Builders and MapR: Making Data Impactful In and Out of Hadoop (2014-08-11T17:14:46.000Z)
Internet of Things (2014-08-14T23:14:34.000Z)
Jump-Start Your Data Exploration Project (2015-10-20T21:30:35.000Z)
Jump-Start Your Data Warehouse Optimization and Analytics Project (2015-02-16T19:01:33.000Z)
Jump-Start Your Recommendation Engine Project (2015-02-16T19:03:38.000Z)
Jump-Start Your Security Log Analytics project (2015-02-16T19:05:19.000Z)
Lucidworks and MapR: Exploit the Tsunami of Log Data (2014-08-11T17:09:31.000Z)
MapR + SAP = Real-Time Business Insights at Hadoop Scale (2015-05-12T19:42:29.000Z)
Marketing Optimization (2014-05-30T18:31:51.000Z)
Mellanox Technologies: Delivering Powerful Analytics Using MapR Distribution and High Speed Ethernet (2016-03-16T03:19:04.000Z)
Microstrategy and MapR: Business Intelligence at the Speed-of-Thought and the Scale-of-Big-Data (2014-07-31T17:49:45.000Z)
Operational Intelligence (2014-05-30T18:32:24.000Z)
Pentaho and MapR: Deliver True Business Value to the Data-Driven Enterprise (2014-08-08T22:16:27.000Z)
Reduce the Time to Value of Your BI & Data Architecture with MapR and SAP Analytics (2015-05-12T19:40:55.000Z)
Revolution Analytics: Leverage R in Apache Hadoop (2014-08-23T00:21:19.000Z)
SAS: Realize Your Big Data Aspirations with MapR and SAS (2014-08-23T00:49:52.000Z)
Security Analytics: Secure your Enterprise with Hadoop (2014-11-06T18:42:13.000Z)
Security and Risk Management (2014-05-30T18:31:25.000Z)
Skytree and MapR: Bring Machine Learning to Life in the Enterprise (2014-08-08T21:58:25.000Z)
Splice Machine: Power OLTP Applications in Real-Time — the Only Hadoop RDBMS (2016-10-03T23:14:39.000Z)
Splunk and MapR: Explore, Analyze, and Visualize Data in Hadoop (2014-04-03T23:50:15.000Z)
StackIQ Boss Integrated with MapR Gives You Everything That’s Needed to Deploy and Manage Hadoop (2015-04-07T18:18:55.000Z)
Syncsort: Unleash the Power of Your Enterprise Data Hub with MapR and Syncsort (2014-08-15T21:55:54.000Z)
Tableau and MapR: Power the Virtuous Cycle of Visual Analytics (2014-08-08T22:04:41.000Z)
Talend and MapR: Turning the Promises of Big Data into Better Business Outcomes (2014-11-01T01:54:56.000Z)
Teradata + MapR = Best-In-Class Big Data Analytics (2014-10-24T22:50:17.000Z)
Voltage Security: Secure Sensitive Data in Hadoop (2014-12-01T23:09:39.000Z)
Waterline Data: Data Governance for the Real-Time Data Lake (2015-05-06T16:30:49.000Z)
Zeta Architecture and the Data-Centric Enterprise (2015-04-21T17:41:25.000Z)
Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data with MapR (2015-06-05T21:38:51.000Z)

Case Studies

Cision Scales Their Business and Opens New Opportunities with MapR Solution (2013-09-05T18:12:04.000Z)
Global Chip Manufacturer Gains High Availability and Reduces Costs with MapR (2017-10-12T12:00:00.000)
Gurunavi accumulates the Bigdata of food with MapR for making a contribution to Japanese food culture (2016-12-06T00:10:55.000Z)
HP Leverages the Power of MapR in its Big Data Infrastructure (2014-02-11T07:07:31.000Z)
Healthcare Organization Deploys MapR for Centralized Big Data Service (2013-09-05T18:17:08.000Z)
How Cisco IT Built Big Data Platform Using MapR Distribution to Transform Data Management (2013-09-05T18:04:14.000Z)
IDEXX Scales its Business and Lowers Costs using MapR and Amazon Web Services Solution (2014-02-20T23:40:52.000Z)
IRI builds cost-effective, scalable platform for market intelligence and analytics (2014-12-02T23:17:35.000Z)
Ingenico Chooses MapR to Enable Digital Transformation Supporting Billions of Electronic Payments (2018-09-04T00:00:00.000Z)
Interflour Group Gains Faster Insights While Reducing Costs Across Its Global Operations (2019-01-02T00:00:00.000)
Liaison Technologies: Going Big (Data) with MapR Hadoop and Cisco UCS (2015-07-30T22:16:48.000Z)
Management Science Associates (MSA) Builds Next-Generation Data Warehouse and Near-Real-time Analytics on MapR (2016-04-04T21:04:05.000Z)
MapR Data Lake Solution Cuts New Customer On-boarding Time by 50% (2016-08-07T18:10:49.000Z)
MapR Enables Kobo to Continuously and Cost-Effectively Enhance Its eReader and Website Offerings (2014-10-13T20:29:25.000Z)
Novartis Relies on MapR for Flexible Big Data Solutions for Drug Discovery (2015-04-03T18:04:20.000Z)
Outbrain Develops Innovative Personalized Recommendations With MapR ()
Pico Selects MapR as Technology Foundation to Develop Innovative Services (2015-10-29T00:25:54.000Z)
Pontis Transitions From a Legacy Architecture to the MapR Distribution including Apache Hadoop (2014-10-15T13:25:58.000Z)
Publishers Clearing House Performs Large-Scale Analytics Using Mapr And Attunity Solutions (2019-02-14T00:00:00.000)
Quantium Captures New Niche in Data Analytics Market (2015-08-03T15:40:32.000Z)
Razorsight Launches New Predictive Analytics Solutions for Telecoms Running on MapR Platform (2015-06-12T18:14:03.000Z)
Return Path Chooses MapR for Enterprise Features, Technical Expertise and Responsive Support (2014-03-03T03:19:13.000Z)
RiskIQ Provides More Advanced Security Threat Detection Using the MapR Platform (2016-07-22T21:27:10.000Z)
Rubicon Project Deploys MapR for Mission Critical Real-time Advertising Platform (2013-09-05T18:14:24.000Z)
SAP Digital Interconnect Gains Speed and Scalability While Saving Money with MapR (2017-06-06T00:05:00.000Z)
Solutionary Boosts Security with Cisco UCS and the MapR Distribution (2014-01-22T18:23:49.000Z)
Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose MapR ()
TransUnion Launches New Self-Service Analytics Platform with MapR Technology (2016-06-29T20:46:19.000Z)
Valence Health Builds New Data Architecture on MapR to Keep up with Growth (2015-12-15T21:46:11.000Z)
comScore Reliably Processes Over 1.7 Trillion Internet and Mobile Events Every Month on MapR (2014-03-18T19:26:29.000Z)