Appfluent and MapR: Optimize and Harness the Power of Your Big Data Assets

Appfluent and MapR: Optimize and Harness the Power of Your Big Data Assets

At a Glance Appfluent Technology® is the only provider of enterprise data administration software that non-disruptively captures and correlates ETL/ELT workload, user activity, data usage, and query performance on the data warehouse and Hadoop for detailed usage analysis over time.

Take Control of Data Growth with Enterprise Data Administration

The unchecked explosion of enterprise data increases the challenge of managing data warehouse growth, performance, and costs. Compounding these issues is a lack of visibility into data usage history and trends. It is impossible to address a 50 percent or greater annual expansion of data volumes—and the $2 to $4 million cost for each 30 TB of new capacity—without detailed knowledge of what is happening in the data warehouse.

IT teams are under pressure to deliver sustained value to the business yet IT budgets are shrinking and over half of the data in most enterprises is never actually queried. Appfluent can easily identify this unused data and poorly utilized compute infrastructure, paving the way for the economic integration of the MapR® Distribution including Hadoop into the enterprise infrastructure to cost-effectively host the data and compute, potentially saving millions of dollars. Sound familiar…and overwhelming? Rest assured. Appfluent and MapR have partnered together to help you wrangle your big data challenges.

Leverage Hadoop to Streamline Your Data Warehouse Optimization Initiative

When investigating a data warehouse optimization strategy, organizations must identify which data and processes to offload. The challenge is how to identify that correct set of data and the associated analytics. Without a definitive answer, this challenge becomes a major inhibitor of optimization initiatives. Appfluent analyzes an organization’s data warehouse usage to identify the appropriate data and processes quickly and efficiently.

Once the candidate data and processes are identified, organizations move them to a complementary platform such as Hadoop. Organizations already depend on Hadoop to uncover new meaning, relationships, and competitive advantage in growing volumes of data. Organizations can apply those advanced analytics on data that is otherwise inefficiently burdening their high end data warehouses. Hadoop boosts efficiency and lowers the cost of business intelligence and data warehouse systems. Offloading resource-intensive processes and under-utilized or unused data to Hadoop clusters can reduce data warehouse costs up to 90 percent.

Why MapR and Appfluent

Organizations today expect high performance and 24/7 reliability from their enterprise systems. In a data warehouse optimization initiative, organizations should not have to sacrifice enterprise-grade capabilities to achieve lower cost. With MapR and Appfluent, customers can reduce the burden on their data warehouse while also maintaining the performance, scalability, and reliability they expect from their enterprise deployments.

MapR and Appfluent have teamed to deliver a best-of-breed platform for data warehouse optimization. The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Hadoop Solutions, Q1 20014 gave MapR the highest score for its current offering of all big data Hadoop solution vendors evaluated. Offering performance, scalability, and enterprisegrade reliability, MapR provides the essential mission-critical foundation for big data operations within an enterprise data hub. Appfluent’s rapidly growing base of Fortune 1000 customers attests to the fundamental and essential insights Appfluent Visibility provides as they seek to cost-effectively harness the power of burgeoning big data assets.

Jumpstart the Offload to Hadoop

The Quick Assessment Program collects and analyzes two weeks of workload and data from the customer’s largest data warehouse. Then we identify data, applications, processes, and workloads that are ideal to migrate to Hadoop to estimate the ROI for a data warehouse optimization project.

Get started by downloading the white paper, “Moving to Hadoop, Smart”. Learn more with the MapR Sandbox for Hadoop, a fully functional Hadoop cluster running on a virtual machine. Visit

About Appfluent

Appfluent provides IT organizations with unprecedented visibility into their big data systems to reduce costs. Appfluent helps companies put the right workload on the right system, across data warehouses, business intelligence, and Hadoop. Seeing every analytic and Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) that hits big data systems, Appfluent identifies where organizations are wasting expensive compute and storage.

Appfluent Product Snapshot
Appfluent Visibility™ data usage analytics software delivers deepdive insight into data warehouse and BI systems, allowing customers to see how storage and compute are being wasted, take appropriate action, and cut millions in IT costs. Appfluent empowers customers to manage exploding data growth, cap costs, and leverage Hadoop.

Solution Highlights

  • See exactly how data is being used or not used.
  • Discover resource intensive ETL/ ELT consuming data warehouse capacity, then offload processing to Hadoop.
  • Discover unused or underutilized data, then offload to lower-cost storage.
  • Understand BI performance from the user’s perspective, discover root causes of database performance slowdowns, and remediate.
  • Examine data usage trends and history, and base future capacity decisions on factual analysis.

About MapR

MapR delivers on the promise of Hadoop with a proven, enterprise-grade platform that supports a broad set of mission-critical and real-time production uses. MapR brings unprecedented dependability, ease-of-use and world-record speed to Hadoop, NoSQL, database and streaming applications in one unified distribution for Hadoop.


Appfluent Benefits

  • Cap Data Warehouse Spend. Identify databases, tables and views that have never been used to help the business consistently prune costs and optimize their investment in data.
  • Discover ETL/ELT Workloads Better Suited for Hadoop. Ensure workload is processed on most costeffective platform to reduce costs.
  • Increase Success of Data Warehouse Migrations. Decisionmaking based on facts, not instinct. Maintain a continuous audit trail at every stage of big data projects.

MapR Benefits

  • Cost-effective, Top-ranked Distribution including Apache Hadoop. One unified big data platform for Hadoop, NoSQL, database and streaming applications.
  • Proven Production Readiness. Get unique architectural enhancements for enterprise-grade dependability, security, and multi-tenancy
  • Consistent High Performance. Eliminate downtime and performance bottlenecks, while ensuring business continuity