Create and Drive Big Data Success Don’t Get Left Behind

Create and Drive Big Data Success Don’t Get Left Behind

The growing trend for big data—the dramatic volume growth in corporate and user-generated data—will create tremendous business opportunities for OEMs and service providers on the value/delivery chain for big data solutions and services. Big data growth will occur across all types of data and from boundless data sources.

“The performance boost from MapR not only means we have lower hardware requirements, but also enables us to deliver faster analytics for our users."

-- Bill Zaharchuk, Director of OEM Partnerships, MapR

Big Data and Hadoop – Don’t Get Left Behind

You have heard the big data buzz. You know the business intelligence industry is changing. However, do you know what big data really means? It means you must move ahead or you will get left behind. Whether you are an OEM or a service provider, your customer or client base will also look toward big data to create business opportunities. So will your competitors.

For your customers with a need to quickly gain insights and create opportunities from big data, the first step will be to choose the best business solutions, as well as infrastructure technologies, that will support fast data and big data at scale, and in turn, enhance operational applications.

The Time to Act is Now

In 2014, companies around the globe spent over $14B on high performance big data technology and services, including Hadoop/NoSQL-based technology and services. This spending is expected to continue at a rate of almost 30% CAGR through 2018.

MapR, a recognized leader of big data technology and a leading Hadoop distribution, can help you to capitalize on these big data, Hadoop, and NoSQL opportunities to produce new products, solutions, or services. With MapR, you can:

  • Address and target a growing market area that may be outside of your core technology competencies
  • Achieve more efficient and cost-effective fast data and big data solutions
  • Help your customers learn from and monetize their data by using your solution
  • Have confidence and peace of mind that the MapR solution is enterprise-hardened, with robust high availability features
  • Adapt to virtually any big data performance requirements

Does your customer feedback sound like this?

  1. Data volume, variety and velocity is overwhelming current solutions
  2. Customers need to support structured and unstructured data in their applications
  3. Customers need real-time analysis and action across the enterprise
  4. Customers are getting the above from your competitors

The MapR OEM team can help you address this feedback and address the customer opportunities from Hadoop and big data:

  1. Identify the new, updated business goals and objetives that your customers are trying to achieve.
  2. Once identified, your customer’s business objectives will geneate a discussion of what is required to meet and exceed these objectives. You will hear an expanded list of opportunities to address.
  3. Once you understand these changed/updated requirements, you can begin to form an architecture that will work for the next 5-10 years as these requirements continue to accelerate in size and scope.

  4. What are the service levels (SLAs) needed to operate this solution?

  5. How rapidly will the data types and data sources change?
  6. Who are the users and consumers of the information today and in the future?
  7. How can machine learning find the value-add questions and the unknown relationships within this big data?

Identifying Opportunities: Do your customers sound like this?

We are confident that with the help of MapR, you can better deliver solutions to companies within your customer base that are struggling with managing big data growth or looking to create business insights. Often, these customer environments share the following core challenges and requirements:

  • Data volume, variety and velocity are overwhelming current solutions
  • A mix of structured and unstructured data is required within applications
  • Real-time analysis and action across their enterprise is sorely needed

Collaborating with MapR can increase your relevance, with new and existing end users, to capture increasing revenues generated by the explosion of big and fast data at your customer sites. This will strengthen your position while increasing your IT budget spend share with your current customers, which will also help you capture new customers and markets.

Move Closer to Big Data Opportunities with MapR Technology and Expertise

Maximize your readiness. By teaming with MapR, we will work with you to identify new data-driven business goals and objectives important to your customers. From these business objectives, the MapR team, working with your team, will orchestrate a discussion about the types of data formatting and datprocessing required to meet and exceed these business objectives. Special attention is given to assure that the MapR architecture suits your needs—not only for today, but also into the future. As your big data business and analytics requirements—and those of your customers—accelerate in size and scope, we’ll make sure that you will have the flexibility to expand over the next 5-10 years.

MapR Helps OEMs to Create and Drive Big Data Success

Today, MapR has partnerships with a growing list of innovative and market-leading companies across a broad spectrum of industries. Current OEM and service provider partners include web analytics, telecom, financial, network security, and market research/analytics companies, among others. As examples, check out these OEM partner success summaries:

Delivering Value and Business Growth for a Large Telecommunications Company
A large telecom concern wanted to predict how their network performance affected end users. The company tracked, collected, and analyzed data related to network performance, customer behavior and more. The analyzed data determined patterns, exposed causes of concerns and uncovered opportunities. As a result, the telecom company was better equipped to take actions that increased revenue, grew its subscriber base, and decreased customer churn.

Achieving these goals required connecting events across the company’s operational support system (OSS) network, business support systems (BSS)—which included billing, provisioning, and customer care—and marketing systems.

Support for non-structured data, Tweets, social media, traffic and weather, along with 2-3 years of call detail records (CDR), resulted in 100X data storage growth. With analytics as-it-happens, as enabled by our embedded solutions, the telecom company reached its customers before they were affected by changes in network performance. The partnership with MapR helped to achieve the scale and reliability the telecom company needed to unify its businesses.

Improving Attack Response Times and Service Level Capabilities for a Network Security Firm
To assist with its security operations center’s (SOC) ability to remediate critical events, a global network security company needed to assure 15-minute response time SLAs for its customers under cyber attack.

An expansion of their multi-site SQL RDBMS, utilizing a traditional scale-up compute system, would have cost upwards of $200M in hardware acquisition and software licenses to store and process all the cyber event data required. The network company was unsure whether SQL queries would execute and run within the allotted 15-minute SLA time for over 8 billion rows of network and security log data.

Instead of building out its SQL RDBMS system, the network security company chose to partner with MapR for its security solution and is now operating on a MapR scale-out cluster. Query times are measured in seconds, instead of dozens of minutes. In addition, the cost for the performance improvements was under $10M, total, for all hardware and software. This represented a substantial savings along with significantly improved performance.

Partner with MapR

To aggressively enter into big data, you don’t have to go it alone. Select MapR as your experienced, low-risk partner for Hadoop and big data analytics. Since 2012, MapR has installed hundreds of product solutions. As an OEM partner, you will be able to incorporate our market-leading, operationally-ready distribution for Hadoop and NoSQL technology directly into your product or solution offering.

We can facilitate cloud and on-premise deployments. The MapR worldwide support team operates 24x7 and is available to your support operations to help foster and ensure customer satisfaction. You will have access to MapR resources, including data scientists, solution architects, and sales engineers to support your product teams. In addition, we have a strong ecosystem around the MapR architecture that is also poised to support your end users. Leverage our technologies and services to accelerate your sales or to enter new verticals and geographies.

MapR believes there is a bold shift coming for Hadoop in the OEM market. We believe that MapR has the strategy, solutions, go-to-market and commitment to aggressively lead the next phase of Hadoop adoption in the OEM market. If Hadoop and NoSQL functionality are a core component of your big data solution, then bundling the MapR Distribution can help you gain competitive advantage with a data platform that allows you to:

  • Focus on business value for your customers by enhancing your solution with the highest reliability, performance, and scalability available
  • Reduce cost and complexity with an integrated Hadoop and NoSQL platform
  • Handle the data volume, velocity, and variety demanded by your market and customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction with faster time-to-market

We are taking a bold approach to the OEM market and invite you to join us and not get left behind! For more details, please contact