Big Data Expo

September 20, 2017

Big Data Expo is a platform where people and knowledge come together, linked by the big data theme. But what does that mean, big data? When data is collected in databases, we can analyze them and gain insights into this to grow as an employee, but also as a company. We know, because of this data, what works and what our attention should be when it comes to business management. But the amount of data grows rapidly, changes continuously and is often incoherent and unstructured. This requires a lot of knowledge and knowledge to understand this large amount of available data (within the correct context). In short, big data asks for specialists. The question is not whether companies should get insights from big data, but they should tackle it.

The two-day Big Data Expo therefore aims to bring together these specialists, from various big data disciplines and from different levels. In order for exhibitors and speakers to share knowledge and expertise with a large group of specific visitors looking for solutions to make the large stream of data insightful and relevant. In addition, inspiration and real handles are gained in order to get on with invaluable importance.

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