Enterprise Cloud Computing

September 26, 2018

Cloud computing and DevOps represent significant investment opportunities for large enterprise, delivering operational efficiencies and significant cost savings. Global spending on cloud infrastructure and services is expected to reach over $400bn by 2020, as businesses adopt cloud-first strategies to stay relevant in a fast-paced world. By 2021, over a quarter of all IT spending will be for cloud-based infrastructures, application, and business process services.

The sector is inflating with speed as IT budgets shift away from traditional in-house delivery towards various versions of cloud computing as a new delivery model. The rapid growth of cloud is over four times the projected growth for the worldwide IT market as a whole and is driving strong DevOps cultures across enterprise. This robust growth is driven by organisations looking for increased agility, efficiency and flexibility but also by the need to connect with customers, get to market faster and drive disruptive digital transformation in an increasingly interconnected marketplace.

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