IDC Asia/Pacific Big Data & Analytics Conference

November 25, 2014

Big Data and Analytics are here to stay. After 2 years of hearing the buzz about the opportunities, and trying to choose the best initiatives, organizations are getting down to planning and piloting. The journey to Big Data isn’t going smoothly for everyone. The 2012 IDC APeJ Big Data Pulse survey showed that organizations are amassing volumes of transactional, email, machine, video, and geolocation data.

But, on average, 39% of organizations aren’t analyzing whole sets of data they are collecting. They know what they want to do, but are stuck finding their way. Across the Asia/Pacific region, we have seen significant interest in the promised benefits of analyzing and acting on the wealth of information in Big Data. However, we see that the benefits take time, and far more than just leveraging new technologies. Organizations that have traditionally been strong at using analytics in daily decision-making have been the most successful in adopting Big Data analytics. We will look at how these organizations are most successful in these initiatives. The reality that all organizations face is that of competitive pressure. IDC research in 2012, shows that organizations using analytics as part of their decision-making are twice as likely to outcompete their peers. The option to ignore evidence-based decisions is disappearing. Across six main industries, we see specific projects being launched to provide competitive differentiation: Banking & Financial Services, Telecommunications, Retail, Manufacturing, Energy & Resources, and Government & Public Sector. These industries vary by country, in the maturity of adoption. However, the movement continues to be most strongly driven by the need for revenue growth or cost control.

This one-day conference will provide a balanced view of what it takes to implement a successful Big Data strategy. This conference will discuss the real industry use cases. In addition, attendees will hear about the 5 dimensions that need to be addressed to succeed with Big Data: People, Process, Technology, Intent, and of course, Data.

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