HP Vertica and MapR Solution Brief

HP Vertica and MapR Solution Brief

When the HP Vertica Analytics Platform and MapR pair together, you don’t just receive the highest-grade enterprise capabilities, you receive a tightly integrated best-of-breed solution for SQL-on-Hadoop that is fully compliant with ANSI SQL and Linux standards. HP Vertica and MapR give you a transformational data infrastructure to very quickly and easily explore big data volumes. Grow and exploit business intelligence in virtually any way you dream possible.

Joint solution benefits: Fastest, Most Open SQL-on-Hadoop

Unlike other approaches, with HP Vertica Analytics Platform and MapR, you can more quickly leverage existing SQL skills and BI tools to unlock insights from all your data in Hadoop. This includes structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data types. Through HP Vertica, you receive an environment that is 100% compliant with ANSI SQL and comes with full support for leading BI tools—removing the “hidden surprises” of other approaches. Through MapR, you receive a POSIX read-write file system for Hadoop with exceptional performance and support for NFS standards. As a result, you get overall superior performance to propel the most open SQL-on-Hadoop capabilities.

Most complete, advanced analytics

HP Vertica provides the real-time interactive SQL analytics for extracting value from data or performing operations directly on data within the underlying MapR storage and compute infrastructure for Hadoop. No connectors between HP Vertica and Hadoop are required. One file system stores the HP Vertica analytics and Hadoop data. Moreover, HP Vertica provides a rich collection of built-in analytic functions to go beyond SQL for deeper insights on data in Hadoop such as interpolation, event window functions, and graph traversal. Beyond built-in capabilities, both HP Vertica and MapR support a broad range of partner BI and data visualization tools, with certified interoperability in many cases. Tools include leading solutions such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, and QlikView, among many others.

Lowest total cost of ownership

Unlike most other mixed-environment implementations for Hadoop, MapR provides a unified architecture for both Hadoop and HP Vertica data storage and analytic processing. You can leverage the same hardware cluster without pre-allocating Hadoop or HP Vertica nodes. In addition, MapR provides easy system administration and advanced resource management across all services in the cluster to ensure consistent performance while maximizing resource utilization and throughput. The result? Less hardware to do the job and meet service level agreements (SLAs). Less hardware means less capital costs and lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

Enterprise-grade reliability

MapR is the only solution to provide native, high availability (HA) and data recovery features for Hadoop. Take advantage of an architecture engineered from the ground up to provide not only automatic node redundancy and no single point of failure, but also additional data protection value-add as well. For example, out-of-the-box, MapR gives you consistent pointin-time snapshots, full mirroring with change-based updates, and remote disaster recovery capabilities—all delivered natively. Automatic redundancy is also provided with MapR No NameNode™ HA. This means no specialized data recovery storage hardware or software is required, which helps maintain lower costs. You can avoid disruption to business users with the ability to continuously load and query without taking systems offline. Protect mission-critical data with confidence and with enterprise data center reliability

Gain deeper business insights with more data

From traditional corporate data, to customer email, to Web logs, images and more, HP Vertica and MapR together enable deeper and advanced analytics into a wider variety of data sources and types within a Hadoop environment. For example, multi-structured data from customer call centers, emails, and Web interactions can be harnessed and processed in MapR to extract analyzable data. This data is then made accessible to HP Vertica for interactive analytic discovery across channels to better understand customer behavior and preferences.

Other Examples

  • Communication and Service Providers—Highly targeted promotions, ads and service plans
  • Financial Services—Virtually limitless portfolio simulations and valuation models
  • Web 2.0—Web log and clickstream analysis for dynamic webpage and advertisement placement—Image analysis for copyright protection and enforcement targeting
  • Gaming—Cursor/click and play analysis for dynamic game progression or revenue targeting
  • Customer Analytics—Real-time recommender systems
  • Healthcare and Patient Analytics—Patient records, data growth, storage and predictive medical analysis

End-to-end big data management and analytics made easy

HP HAVEn is a revolutionary big data platform that integrates Hadoop, Autonomy IDOL, HP Vertica, HP Enterprise Security, and the capability for building “n” Apps (HAVEn) for addressing, creating, and solving big data opportunities. With HAVEn and MapR providing the Hadoop distribution, you can make the critical business transformation from just warehousing data to enabling connected business intelligence and data analytics-driven decisions. Leverage your existing infrastructure and capabilities according to the needs of your specific use case and applications.

MapR delivers on the promise of Hadoop with a proven, enterprise-grade platform that supports a broad set of mission-critical and real-time production uses. MapR brings unprecedented dependability, ease-of-use, and world-record speed to Hadoop, NoSQL, database, and streaming applications in one unified big data platform. Running HP Vertica on the MapR platform provides an optimized, best-of-breed solution for SQL-on-Hadoop. Leverage your existing SQL skills and investments in BI tools to unlock deeper insights from more data.

Key Features

  • HP Vertica operates directly in MapR Distribution for Hadoop
  • 100% ANSI SQL compliant
  • Support for a mixed variety of data structures
  • Native redundancy, high availability, and disaster recovery
  • Rich set of built-in analytic functions
  • Apache Hadoop projects Mahout, Hive, Pig, and more
  • Fast schema-less exploration with HP Vertica Flex Zone
  • Automated HP Vertica analytic database design tools
  • Strong data security and management

Key Benefits

  • Access and interactively analyze a wider variety of data types at scale
  • Quickly ingest data without separate cluster
  • Leverage existing SQL skills, BI tools, and programming expertise
  • Perform advanced analytics faster and deeper directly on data in Hadoop
  • Lower administration across both environments (Hadoop and HP Vertica Analytics Platform)
  • Implement end-to-end data management and security


HP Vertica and MapR produce a comprehensive, tightly integrated, scalable, open-standards big data platform solution. No need to manage a dual cluster environment. For analysts, data scientists, and business users wanting more analytical power and faster ability to drive business decisions and execution, HP Vertica delivers the industry’s most advanced SQL-on-Hadoop analytics directly on MapR for higher performance and lower TCO. Develop new insights and grow business intelligence in virtually any big way you dream possible.


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