Reduce the Time to Value of Your BI & Data Architecture with MapR and SAP Analytics

Reduce the Time to Value of Your BI & Data Architecture with MapR and SAP Analytics

At a Glance

SAP offers analytic tools that enable traditional BI as well as SAP Lumira so business users can do trusted data discovery themselves, while knowing the data is enterprise-ready.

Get faster time-to- value with MapR and SAP

New technologies like Hadoop and NoSQL are making it possible to store and access data like never before. In the past, data was discarded because it lacked the right structure and doing complex ETL on it was cost-prohibitive. Data was often also discarded because it didn’t clearly answer a known business need. Compounding the problem for data that was retained, traditional data ware- houses were costly—both in terms of hardware and software.

The MapR Distribution including Apache Hadoop provides you with an enterprise- grade distributed data platform to reliably store and process big data. With its unbiased approach to open source, MapR gives you a broad range of technolo- gies to choose from—multiple projects for SQL-on-Hadoop, NoSQL databases, execution engines, etc., so you can use the right tool for your needs. And with its backward compatibility and multi-version project support, you can upgrade projects and existing applications individually on your own schedule. With the browser-based management console, MapR Control System, you can monitor and manage your Hadoop cluster easily and efficiently.

MapR and SAP make it possible for you to gain insights from new data stores

SAP and MapR have partnered to ensure our customers can derive insights from these new data stores with enterprise-ready analytics. MapR allows you to do more with Hadoop including data discovery, data transformation and analytics in a highly secure environment. MapR enterprise-grade features include NFS for real-time data ingest; the MapR Database for NoSQL database real-time operations, snapshots and mirroring capabilities for true high availability and disaster recov- ery, and multi-tenancy support ensuring secure access to data. The combination of MapR and SAP enterprise-ready analytics certified on MapR extends the value of your current BI and data systems to capture new insights.

SAP Analytic Solutions

SAP provides agile visualization, advanced analytics, and enterprise BI

SAP Lumira. Tap into the power of big data and see patterns emerge in front of your eyes. Visualize data with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Uncover outliers and trends with engaging visualizations and stories. Maximize business knowledge with big-picture insights and granular details.

SAP Lumira connects to MapR through Apache Hive and Apache Drill. Along with our existing data connectors, we have a data access extension API that lets you connect to other data sources. Make the most of your big data by performing data wrangling and providing data visualization in the form of graphs, heat maps, scatter charts or custom visualizations you can define (through our SDK). Mash data from different sources (like traditional data warehouses and Hadoop) for a more comprehensive view of your business. Through these intuitive visual stories, you’ll gain a better understanding of your business, all via a simple user interface.

SAP Business Objects BI Platform. Enterprise users can use SAP Business Objects BI Platform to make it easy to discover and share insights with a business intelligence platform that gives you flexibility, scalability, and function. Business Objects universes can connect to data in MapR, letting users access big data from the BI clients they are already familiar with (Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports, SAP Dashboards).

SAP Predictive Analytics. SAP Predictive Analytics lets you go beyond seeing what happened to understanding why it happened, and what could or should happen. The potential applications are vast and varied.

Data Analysts can generate predictive models using advanced analytics quickly and easily through a simple GUI, while Data Scientists can apply their skillset to refine these models when and where it can have maximum impact (including directly using R).

Predictive Analytics uncovers hidden information from your data, creating additional attributes that make your predictive algorithms more accurate. And calculations are quick since SAP Infinite Insight processes data directly on MapR.

Deliver More Insights to Business Users

  • SAP Lumira lets business users easily do their own data discovery through the user interface.
  • Share the stories you create with SAP Lumira Cloud or Lumira Server.
  • SAP Business Objects BI Platform enables centralized management and security of your BI to let IT easily share interactive BI throughout the organization.

Derive New Insights

  • SAP BI lets you connect directly to Hadoop and mash data together with traditional sources.
  • Tease out more information and improve the function of your predictive models with SAP Predictive Analytics.

SAP Analytics Benefits

  • Trusted Data Discovery Our enterprise-ready tools empower you to do your own analysis while remaining confident in the quality of your data.
  • Scalable Start using SAP Lumira for data discovery directly against MapR.
  • SAP Predictive Analytics extends your business insights from what happened to modelling your next best step.
  • SAP BI Platform is enterprise-ready and connects directly to MapR using the BI tools you’re already familiar with.
  • Adopt SAP HANA at any time to enable real-time analytics.

MapR Benefits

Reliable, Highly-Available Big Data Platform One unified platform for Hadoop, NoSQL, database and streaming applications.

Proven Production Readiness Benefit from both open source community innovation as well as MapR architectural enhancements.

Consistent High Performance Eliminate downtime and performance bottlenecks, while ensuring business continuity.

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