Syncsort: Unleash the Power of Your Enterprise Data Hub with MapR and Syncsort

Syncsort: Unleash the Power of Your Enterprise Data Hub with MapR and Syncsort

At A Glance

Syncsort helps the world’s dataintensive organizations unleash the power of big data with fast, secure, enterprise-grade software spanning from Hadoop to mainframes. Syncsort enables customers to answer the big questions by making what was hard… easy, and what was impossible… routine.

Free Up Data Warehouse Capacity and Budget. Shift Data and Workloads to Apache Hadoop

Optimize valuable IT real estate with an enterprise data hub. Bottlenecks don’t just occur when data is moved into or out of the enterprise; they can also happen when data is moved from one part of an organization to another behind the firewall. This has led many IT professionals to consider creating an enterprise data hub (or “data lake”). Yet, incumbent systems, such as data warehouses and mainframes, can be expensive to maintain and weren’t designed to cope with burgeoning demands of big data ingestion, storage, processing, and analysis for discovery and business insight.

While highly desirable, moving workloads from the data warehouse and mainframe to Apache Hadoop can be intimidating. How do you know where to begin, and what will deliver the most savings? Big data specialists Syncsort and MapR have teamed up to create a unique end-to-end approach to solve these challenges economically and efficiently.

Set Your Big Data Free with Our Data Warehouse Optimization Solution

By moving certain Extract-Load-Transform (ELT) workloads into the MapR Distribution including Apache Hadoop, you significantly reduce batch windows, keep readily available data as long as you need, and free up significant data warehouse capacity.

Without the right tools, identifying, accessing, and moving data and processing to Hadoop can quickly become overwhelming. Syncsort and MapR make it easy with a three-phased approach, saving you money, time, and effort, while laying out the foundation for your enterprise data hub. We take you all the way in big data integration from ELT offload to Hadoop ETL—and beyond.

Seamlessly Manage Your EDH with MapR and Syncsort

  • Identify: As typically 20% of data transformations consume up to 80% of resources, our data warehouse optimization solution begins with an integrated analysis to identify and understand expensive ELT workloads.
  • Offload: Using an easy, single graphical tool you can then quickly and securely access and move data and workloads to Hadoop. Next, replicate and optimize existing workloads without coding. Access any data, anywhere with one tool.
  • Optimize & Secure: Then seamlessly deploy the new workloads into Hadoop costeffectively. The Syncsort and MapR data warehouse optimization solution arms you with the enterprise-grade tools and platform you need to manage, secure, and operationalize the enterprise data hub, taking your Hadoop environment to the next level of enterprise readiness and business analytics.

Why MapR and Syncsort

The MapR/Syncsort data warehouse optimization solution lets customers get more value from their data warehouse by enabling:

  1. Fresher Data: So you can offer the most relevant data insights.
  2. Longer History Data: So you can deliver a complete picture for business stakeholders.
  3. An Optimized Enterprise Data Warehouse for Faster Analytics: So you can have super-speed business responsiveness
  4. More Data from More Sources: So you can leverage all corporate data and never have to say “no” to your end users.
  5. Lower Data Management Costs: So you can become the IT hero who brings down the cost of managing data to previously unthinkable levels.

About Syncsort

Syncsort provides fast, secure, enterprise-grade software spanning Big Data solutions in Hadoop to Big Iron on mainframes. We help customers around the world to collect, process and distribute more data in less time, with fewer resources and lower costs. 87 of the Fortune 100 companies are Syncsort customers, and Syncsort’s products are used in more than 85 countries to offload expensive and inefficient legacy data workloads, speed data warehouse and mainframe processing, and optimize cloud data integration.

About MapR

MapR delivers on the promise of Hadoop with a proven, enterprise-grade platform that supports a broad set of mission-critical and real-time production uses. MapR brings unprecedented dependability, ease of use, and world-record speed to Hadoop, NoSQL, database and streaming applications in one unified big data platform.

Syncsort Product Snapshot

Syncsort DMX-h is the first ETL engine to run natively within a Hadoop cluster to develop and optimize Hadoop jobs without manually writing/generating/tuning any code. DMX-h offers comprehensive Hadoop connectivity, including best-in-class mainframe data access and translation.

Solution Highlights

  • Access data from virtually any source with one tool; wherever and whenever you want it, 24x7.
  • Optimize data warehouse performance by offloading ELT workloads and preparing data for faster analysis.
  • Free up database capacity and budget. From $100K/TB to $1K/TB.
  • Fast-track development. The only end-to-end approach to visually analyze and convert SQL ELT workloads into MapReduce jobs, on premises or in the cloud.
  • Run natively on every node. No code generation, compiling, tuning, or code maintenance.

Syncsort Benefits

  • Smarter Hadoop ETL. Eliminates custom code, allows smarter connectivity to all your data, including mainframes, improves processing efficiency.
  • Faster throughput per node. With its proprietary sort algorithms, DMX-h can increase performance by 2-3x for all MapReduce jobs.
  • Fully integrated approach to offload. Targeted tools to quickly and efficiently identify, offload, and optimize expensive workloads from mainframes and data warehouses.

MapR Benefits

  • Top-Ranked Hadoop Distribution. One unified big data platform for Hadoop, NoSQL, database, and streaming applications.
  • Proven Production Readiness. Get enterprise-grade reliability with MapR, proven in production to meet stringent service-level agreements.
  • Consistent High Performance. Do more work with less hardware for lower TCO versus other distributions.

Get Started with Syncsort and MapR Today!

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  • Take Syncsort for a Test Drive! Ready to get in the driver’s seat? Download a free trial of DMX-h and see how easy Hadoop ETL can be. Visit Syncsort