How to Replicate Streaming Data Across Data Centers with MapR Event Store | Whiteboard Walkthrough

In this week's Whiteboard Walkthrough Jorge Geronimo, Solutions Architect at MapR, explains how with a single line of code you can create a replica of a MapR data stream within the same cluster or to another cluster even in another part of the world. Jorge also describes multi master replication for streaming data and how MapR Event Store's (Formerl called MapR Streams) unique capability for geo-distributed replication with preserved offsets offers advantages for working with streaming data.

Editor's Note: In replication of data streams across data centers using MapR Event Store, consumers can fail over from one site to another. In addition, the system will break replication loops. For more detail on these aspects of geo-distributed replication with MapR Event Store, see "MapR Event Store Under the Hood."

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