Slack After Dark

Welcome to Slack After Dark! A fun, Slack-based, AI-driven dating app demo we created to showcase an end-to-end, containerized, and integrated ML workflow. Some of the highlights include online model predictions and online model training, using a mix of cutting-edge technologies with Slack as the user interface.

With this example, you’ll see how a modern data platform and the right streaming architecture can help you move from batch to real-time model training and simplify your overall machine learning data logistics.

Through this tongue-in-cheek example, we will demonstrate how the MapR Data Platform can:

  • Support your end-to-end ML/AI workflows from training and deployment into production.
  • Integrate into existing ML/AI applications, microservices frameworks, and containerization.
  • Handle data logistics across files, tables, and streams to support online predictions and online model training.