Sales and Professional Services Careers

Let the data drive you… to a career in sales with MapR.

At MapR, we offer sales professionals top-rated products, excellent compensation, professional growth, a dynamic team environment, a strong leadership team, and the opportunity to help solve big data problems by selling the best big data platform with Hadoop/Spark, NoSQL and Streaming technologies available.

You’ll love your customers – Simply put, our measure of success is our customers’ success, which is a strong testament to our proven value and innovation. Our customers are sticky: with over 140% annual dollar-based expansion, our customers don’t just renew, they buy more. Our customers are happy: most of our customers achieve payback in fewer than 12 months, and realize greater than 5x ROI when they deploy our big data platform. Not to mention, new customers turn to MapR every single week.

You’ll have ample professional growth opportunities – We have some of the best sales teams in our space—not just because they're effective at selling, but they're effective at providing forward-looking solutions to customer problems. We’ll admit it: there’s a lot to learn in this constantly-changing big data environment, so you have to enjoy learning new technology quickly. And you’ll be able to share best practices, learn from those around you, and use that knowledge to build relationships in your region.

You’ll have the opportunity to sell acclaimed products – Our key differentiators put us at the forefront of the big data space. In fact, we’re a big data leader, with a converged data platform that includes Hadoop and Spark, integrates the top-ranked NoSQL database, and provides the top-ranked SQL-on-Hadoop. And we’ve recently been awarded U.S. patent on our data architecture innovations.You’ll benefit from motivational leadership – Our leadership team will invest in you personally to help shape sales strategies that are based on fact and integrity.

You’ll enjoy our performance-based compensation model – At MapR, our performance-oriented culture allows us to invest in our top performers. Our innovative program is aimed at attracting, retaining, and motivating skilled, high-performing sales professionals.