MapR Professional Services

MapR Professional Services brings world-class expertise and industry experience to ensure the success of your Big Data investment.

Engagements we fulfill range from cluster deployment, data migration, interactive analysis on semi-structured data, performance tuning and optimization to converged solution architecture and advanced data science applications. As the technology leader in Big Data, MapR employs the best and brightest engineers and data scientists in the industry. The MapR Professional Services team works with you every step of the way to ensure your projects are on the right track.

The world’s most advanced, operational and analytical Big Data applications are architected and built with the guidance of the MapR Professional Services team. Leverage their expertise for your next Big Data project.

Data Engineering Services

Cluster Design and Implementation

Projects start with an assessment of your environment. Then, we provide recommendations on the optimal design, and follow that with MapR Converged Data Platform cluster installation and configuration. The result: optimal service levels for your particular infrastructure.

Data Migration

If you're currently using a different Hadoop distribution, we'll assess your current environment, move the use cases and data over to your new MapR cluster, and ensure a smooth transition to a true production Hadoop environment with zero downtime and zero data loss. The migration service maintains operation of the existing distribution while transitioning to MapR.

Cluster Upgrade Service

Take advantage of the latest innovations in the MapR Converged Data Platform. These include updates from MapR at the platform services level, but also at the community ecosystem level. We can help you get successfully to the latest releases for your critical big data deployment.

ETL Optimization

The first step in any Hadoop implementation is data ingestion and transformation. MapR will develop and implement a customized ingestion/ETL plan for your project. Your ETL Plan includes identifying the multiple data sources and file formats, transforming them to meet your needs, then loading the data into the data structures best suited to your needs for further analysis. Picking the right tool for the right job is a key ingredient for success.

Solution Architecture Services

Converged Operational Application Design

MapR-unique features - enabling Streaming & NoSQL operations via a big data filesystem - open the door to the creation of sophisticated, low-latency customer-facing operational applications, running 24x7. Our engineers will help architect the implementation and train you to build these applications, then assist you in production deployment.

Converged Analytical Application Design

On the analytics front, our team of experts can help you design, build and optimize your big data analytical workflows and applications. Whether it’s building Java MapReduce jobs, implementing in Apache Pig, building distributed indexes, constructing Apache Hive (HQL) queries, integrating BI tools or building complex data models, MapR provides the experience and expertise you need.

Performance Optimization Service

Our Engineers will help you fully realize the benefits of your MapR investment by designing and implementing a comprehensive solution that performs optimally in your environment. All aspects of the implementation are addressed: hardware infrastructure, data sources, ecosystem software, and operations considerations.

Data Science Services

MapR Data Scientists can design and implement machine-learning applications that extract incremental business value from your data. With experience across multiple verticals and a deep, working knowledge of tools, algorithms and best practices, we can assist your business in the following areas:

Use Case Discovery

Consult with your stakeholders to recognize opportunities to provide lift to your current business processes. Our scientists make recommendations for algorithms, tools, storage, streams and delivery at each stage of the process and also prioritize your use cases designed to yield value right away.

Machine-Learning Workflow Design

Create the process that will deliver the value identified via discovery, focusing on deriving insights from your data and the realization of the value from those learnings, plus the tools that comprise the efficient movement of data. This document provides a blueprint for the implementation of the solution.

Solution Implementation

The MapR Data Scientist will build and implement a big-data, machine-learning workflow. Components include pre-processing data, feature extraction, algorithm tuning, threshold analysis and output of decision codes. Movement of data into and out of this system (which may include storage, indexing, joins and streaming for real-time) will also be orchestrated to deploy the solution fully.

Model Monitoring

Monitor and visualize all aspects of a machine-learning workflow to insure that you are alerted to potential performance impacts before they become tangible. Distributions of raw inputs, features, scores from multiple models, reason codes and metrics are stored, analyzed and monitored for issues.

Mentoring & Training

Accelerate your productivity on the MapR platform for data science. We will provide customized training and mentoring for your staff on your data which can be applied to your business problems, catering to tools & environments to insure that your scientists, analysts & engineers are getting the most out of the platform and are aware of the most up-to-date options.

A MapR data scientist is available to work on your specific project or as a block of hours for less-defined, longer-term initiatives.