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Unify All Your Data Islands: Across All Edge, Data Centers, and Clouds

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Unify data

Unify Data, Eliminate Silos

Data silos not only limit an organization’s ability to gain meaningful insights but also increase the cost of storing and processing data.

MapR Data Fabric unifies data silos under one single platform while providing a unified view of all data. Simplified data management allows you to seamlessly store and access all data across edge, on-premises, and cloud deployments. Unifying all data has enabled customers to reduce their capex by 70% and opex by 40%.

Deploy anywhere

Deploy Anywhere, On Your Terms

IT organizations should be able to deliver data to anyone that needs it. With a scalable platform, you can optimize data access based on infrastructure capabilities and application service-level requirements.

MapR Data Fabric is 100% software. You choose the hardware, hypervisor, container and cloud platform that best suits your business. As a result, you can seamlessly move exabytes of data across edge, on-premises, and cloud deployments. You can also automate data transfer across storage tiers, including SSD, HDD, and cloud, to improve storage efficiency and reduce costs.

Data as it happens

Analyze Data as it Happens

Integrating analytics with operational processes is difficult and expensive. With MapR, you can improve business outcomes by applying machine learning to business applications, without having to move or make duplicate copies of data.

With the ability to ingest data at high speed, store it on various types of storage targets, and analyze data using powerful tools in one environment, our customers are building their data fabric to inform both strategic and operational decisions.

Robust platform

Robust, Secure Data Platform

Reliably storing and securing data has always been a complex and time-consuming requirement for businesses. The explosion of data makes this objective even more difficult.

MapR Data Fabric is designed to withstand simultaneous hardware failures, data center outages, and unauthorized access. Data protection and security policies are applied to data as soon as it arrives in the fabric. With a self-healing platform, IT can deliver continuous, trusted service, even in unpredictable environments.

Increase productivity with IoT

Increase Productivity and Quality with IoT

Industrial companies looking to improve productivity and quality are limited by the scale and capability of existing historian systems. As a result, they struggle with low-fidelity data, scattered across silos.

The MapR Converged Data Platform scales out to support full-fidelity data from all machines and sensors, to be stored and analyzed in one place, while MapR Edge allows IoT applications to extend to remote locations.

Proven Outcomes for the Enterprise

Companies Winning with Data by Using MapR Data Fabric

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Data Fabric Use Cases

High Performance File Fabric

Create a high IOPS, low latency file fabric for high performance computing apps.

Elastic Container Store

Create a data fabric for your persistent containers, DevOps group, or your XaaS platform.

Real-Time Analytics

Create a data fabric to simultaneously ingest, store, analyze, process, and decide, without making copies.

Lift and Shift to Cloud

Create a data fabric that spans across public and private, moving data seamlessly between them.

Create Edge-to-Cloud Data Fabric

Unify All Data Islands Across All Edge, Data Centers, and Clouds

Download Data Fabric Guide