MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes

Scalable, Secure, High-Performance Storage for Stateful Containerized Applications

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The Stateful Container Challenge

Enterprises are moving many of their production applications to containers (e.g., PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.). Today’s container orchestration tools facilitate the creation and deployment of containers in production, but they lack data management and data protection features. Containerizing enterprise applications in production requires persistence, scale, security, availability, and high performance capabilities.

Data Persistence for Kubernetes

The MapR Data Fabric includes a natively integrated Kubernetes volume driver to provide persistent storage volumes for access to any data located on-premises, across clouds, and to the edge. Stateful applications can now be easily deployed in containers for production use cases, machine learning pipelines, and multi-tenant use cases.

Harness the Power of Stateful Containers with MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes

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Build a Reliable, Scalable, and Secure Containerized Platform

Security and Multi-Tenancy

Use MapR tickets for end-to-end security of containers accessed by multiple users and groups.

High Availability

Automatic failover ensures data is always available, so containerized applications can run on a 24x7 basis.

Data Protection

Enterprise data services, like mirroring and consistent point-in-time snapshots, protect critical data. Through integrations with MapR data protection features, Kubernetes can create, delete, and manage these snapshots. Applications are becoming fluid because of containers, since containers can be moved or recreated across clusters. Recovering from major outages or having planned outages is made easier by migrating containers and mirroring/snapshotting data for containers.

Multiprotocol Data Persistence

MapR integration with the Kubernetes storage plugin allows for MapR volumes to be mounted for access by containers, through the CSI model APIs. As new containers are deployed, data volumes can be created and retained, even when containers are deleted. If containers are moved across environments, the MapR global namespace provides access to the data, independent of where the containers reside, using the Kubernetes primitives such as PersistentVolumes, PersistentVolumeClaims, StorageClasses.

Extreme Scalability

Use the dynamic “hot add” option to scale the clusters as the number of containers grow, improving performance.

High Performance

Meet your performance SLAs needed for containerized enterprise applications by flexibly deploying on NVMe, SSDs, HDDs, or cloud.

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Solution Brief: MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes

Build stateful container applications by extending data fabric to Kubernetes and containers.

  • Persist data for containerized applications
  • Scale data as containers grow
  • Protect Data with replication, mirroring and instant snapshots
  • Benefit from MapR tickets, for end-to-end security

Not Deploying Kubernetes in Your Container Environment?

Integrating the MapR Data Fabric into Kubernetes environments solves the complexity associated with data management, data protection, and container portability.

For those who are not deploying Kubernetes in their container environments, MapR offers Persistent Application Client Containers for providing persistent access to all data.

MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes

Scalable, Secure, High-Performance Storage for Stateful Containerized Applications

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