Ensure Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance

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Days Past Due

The GDPR deadline is past due. Let’s build a compliant data lake.

GDPR with data silos

Need Better Personal Data Privacy? - MapR Has You Covered

GDPR enforces protection of personal data by giving EU residents the following rights:

  • Easier access to personal data
  • Right to portability of personal data
  • Right to be forgotten
  • Right to rectification of personal data
  • Right to know when your data has been hacked
  • A high standard for consent (opt-in)

The MapR Converged Data Platform with its unique capabilities enables companies to enforce these rights.

GDPR data privacy

Need to Enforce Data Privacy with Data that is Stored in Silos? - Not a Problem

  • Customers use MapR XD to create their own data fabric and to ensure that data across all silos is mapped
  • Mapping all data silos helps our customers execute their personal data rights (to be forgotten and to be informed when the data is hacked) faster than competition and avoid potential fines.
  • Data controllers can accelerate GDPR compliance by considering the MapR GDPR Data Lake approach, built upon a converged data platform with volume-based policy controls
GDPR for data security and governance

Data Security and Governance

  • With GDPR-compliance comes the complexity of shielding data from bad actors, while ensuring regulatory compliance and auditing processes with a quick turnaround
  • With all their data in our platform, our customers rely on MapR to follow best practices and deploy the smartest data-security and governance solutions
  • The MapR Converged Data Platform is architected from the ground up with comprehensive suites of cutting-edge capabilities for authentication, authorization, encryption, auditing, and governance mechanisms

Three Steps to GDPR Compliance

GDPR step 1


  • Identify all data assets
  • Identify all EU personal data
  • Identify data lineage
  • Identify "as is" GDPR compliance
GDPR step 2

Build your data lake

  • Map all EU personal data
  • Separate EU vs. non-EU
  • Reconcile your data
GDPR step 3

Deployment-ready, GDPR-compliant data lake

  • Consent management
  • Anonymization
  • Implement rights of data subjects
GDPR with MapR

GDPR-Ready Data Lake

Are you a data controller, a data processor, or both?

MapR has partnered with Talend to offer a GDPR-ready data lake.

View the infographic to learn how the data lake can accelerate your GDPR compliance.

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