MapR for Financial Services

Improve Data Management, Enhance Fraud Detection, Meet Government Regulations

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Improve Data Management

Capture and analyze vast volumes of structured and unstructured data in order to improve business efficiency and keep customers for the long term. With a converged data platform, you can build a secure system of record for critical operations in risk, regulation, customer intimacy, and payments.

With MapR, financial services firms can rely on a fast, hardened enterprise-grade data platform for integrating optimization, prediction, and forecasting into their operations. It works on premises, in the cloud, or with both.

Fraud detection

Enhance Fraud Detection

Accurately detect fraud to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Manage and process huge volumes of historical and third-party fraud data to predict whether an action is potentially fraudulent before it happens.

Analyzing both historical data and streaming data enables financial services firms to examine transactions as they occur and stop fraudulent activities before they cause serious damage. MapR provides a Stream Processing Quick Start Solution that improves operational effectiveness by analyzing various data sets in real time.

Regulation requirements

Meet Government Regulations

Respond to fast-changing government regulations that impact all aspects of data governance, including the way data is aggregated, stored, managed, and communicated outward by eliminating information silos while leveraging new alternative data.

Financial services firms can rely on MapR multi-tenancy security and governance capabilities to meet enterprise-class auditing and regulatory compliance requirements while controlling costs.

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Financial Services Use Cases

Fraud Detection

Flagging anomalous activities in real time can help prevent potential security attacks or fraud. The MapR Converged Data Platform can learn normal” behavior and detect activities that fall outside the confidence level of normal behavior.

360° Customer Service

Financial services institutions need to analyze structured and unstructured data about their customers in order to offer optimal service. The MapR Platform helps to understand customers’ needs and to consistently optimize each customer’s experience.

Counterparty Risk Analytics

When engaging in a business transaction with another party, the risk of doing business with that party must be considered. The MapR Platform helps to deliver reliable access to data that drive a counterparty risk analytics system.

New Products and Services

Making new products and services available to consumer card holders is an ongoing initiative for banks. With the MapR Platform, credit card companies can gain insights from their data for recommendations and fraud detection.

MapR Data Solutions for Financial Services

Improve Data Management, Enhance Fraud Detection, Meet Government Regulations

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