MapR for Healthcare

Optimize Operations, Reduce Risks and Fraud, and Improve Care Delivery

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Optimize Operations

When all data from sources like digital devices and sensors, emails, doctors' and nurses' notes, laboratory tests, and third party information are brought together, healthcare providers can proactively identify cost inefficiencies, waste, and risk as well as streamline processes.

Use the MapR Platform to quickly combine, organize, and analyze a variety of structured and unstructured data in a single platform for pervasive insights that are actionable. Use real-time and predictive data to manage and optimize patient flow, safety, and experience.


Reduce Risks and Fraud

When healthcare providers transition to a predictive modeling environment, they can identify fraud and abuse in a systematic, repeatable way.

With the MapR Platform, healthcare providers can analyze patient records and billing to detect anomalies such as a hospital's overutilization of services within short time periods, patients receiving healthcare services from different hospitals in different locations simultaneously, or identical prescriptions for the same patient being filled in multiple locations.


Improve Care Delivery

Effectively integrate and share medical data to provide personalized care faster. With solutions like Customer 360, healthcare providers gain a 360-degree view of the patient by storing, processing, and correlating all patient information while protecting privacy rights.

Many proven methods of data protection – such as access controls and multitenancy – are built into the MapR Platform to withstand malicious attacks and intrusions so healthcare providers can focus on using data to deliver the best care.

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Healthcare Use Cases

Personalized Treatment Planning

Personalized treatment planning is a way to continuously monitor the effects of medication for a patient. The MapR Converged Data Platform provides real-time patient data access so treatment decisions can be adjusted in a timely manner.

Fraud Detection

Healthcare organizations need to be able to detect fraud based on analysis of anomalies in billing data, procedural benchmark data or patient records. The MapR Platform can detect overutilization of services and alert providers for investigation.

Genome Processing and DNA Sequencing

The exponential growth of data in genomics sequencing requires reliable, scalable storage and processing to handle increasing data volumes. The MapR Platform provides cost-effective data storage and efficient processing for accelerating clinical applications development.

Monitoring Patient Vital Signs

Healthcare facilities can provide proactive care by continuously monitoring patient vital signs from various smart, connected devices. The MapR Platform streams this data in real-time to detect changes and predict a patient’s need for effective interventions.

MapR Data Solutions for Healthcare

Optimize Operations, Reduce Risks and Fraud, and Improve Care Delivery

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