Advertising, Media and Entertainment Use Cases

How to Stay Competitive and Connected with Customers by Leveraging Big Data Technologies

The digital advertising world is evolving at a breakneck pace. By utilizing MapR to capture and analyze clickstream, transaction, video and social media data, digital advertisers are able to spot trends and patterns, unearth new relationships, and optimize their ad campaigns by adjusting campaign tactics in real time.

The entertainment industry is using big data in a number of ways, with the connected consumer at its core. Big data is being used to increase revenues, understand real-time customer sentiment, increase marketing effectiveness, and increase ratings and viewership. As an example, video game development studios are turning to MapR to analyze massive data streams in order to enhance game player engagement and increase player retention, while music streaming services are providing completely personalized recommendations for their customers.

MapR customers in the Advertising, Media and Entertainment industries include:






Rubicon Project



Advertising, Media, and Entertainment Use Cases

These industries are raising their game and relying on the MapR Converged Data Platform to provide functionality in the areas of recommendation engines, log ingestion/processing, social media sentiment aggregation, trend and behavior analysis, and more. Below are a few of the use cases that illustrate how big data is being integrated in the advertising, media and entertainment industries, providing companies with insights into both their products and their customers.

Improved ad targeting, analysis, forecasting and optimization
MapR allows digital advertisers to analyze the massive amount of personal data that consumers share, and offer those consumers more personalized and targeted ads for products and services they would use. MapR can also provide advertising companies with the ability to seamlessly run a real-time automated advertising platform.

Personalized recommendations
Informed, always-connected consumers now expect greater personalization in terms of how products, services, and experiences are delivered to them.

Superior analytics capability
MapR can be used to analyze a variety of advertising activities, including ad placement and optimization, click-through rates, conversion rates, and keyword effectiveness.

Enhanced game player engagement
Gaming companies are always looking for new ways to increase player retention and monetization. By using advanced analytics to uncover player insights and common user characteristics, video game developers can now focus on creating much more meaningful gaming experiences for their customers.

Advertising, Media, and Entertainment Customers

Rubicon Project
Rubicon Project is an online advertising technology company that has developed software for automating the selling/purchasing of online ads. Rubicon Project performs over 100 billion real-time auctions on their global transaction platform per day, which translates to about 3.5 petabytes of data that needs to be managed and analyzed. To support their growing advertising platform, Rubicon Project needed to move to a more stable, fault-tolerant and mission-critical big data production system. The company chose the MapR Converged Data Platform because of its enterprise-grade features, including high availability, data protection and data recoverability, disaster recovery, redundancy and support.

"Our company cannot run without Hadoop and MapR. We rely on MapR's self-healing HA, disaster recovery and advanced monitoring features to conduct 100 billion real-time auctions on our global transaction platform. We depend on automation; that is how we manage a lights out data center."

-- Jan Gelin, VP Technical Operations for Rubicon Project

comScore, a company that provides syndicated and custom solutions in audience measurement, e-commerce, advertising, search, video and mobile, needed a reliable big data platform that could keep up with their growing volume of data. comScore chose the MapR Converged Data Platform for its NFS, performance, and operational efficiency features. MapR is used to deliver insights about online consumer behavior, and it processes over 1.7 trillion Internet and mobile records every month.

"When we started working with MapR within comScore, there were a lot of questions about how is this going to work. It's amazing the developers come back saying we love working with MapR, the admins love working with MapR, and the user community prefers working with MapR versus the standard distribution."

-- Mike Brown, CTO, comScore

Dotomi creates and delivers display advertising where the ad creatives and media placements are dynamically adapted in real time at the user and impression level. Their cluster environment needed to be truly redundant with no single points of failure, and query response times had to be fast, especially for peak traffic scenarios. Dotomi uses the MapR Converged Data Platform to create a distributed, highly available and highly reliable data store that scales.

Rubicon Project
Jan Gelin, VP at Rubicon Project, talks about MapR

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Rubicon Project, comScore Use MapR for Real-Time Analytics


comScore uses MapR to process over 1.7 trillion internet and mobile records per month providing syndicated and custom digital marketing intelligence.

Dotomi creates and delivers display advertising where the ad creatives and media placements are dynamically adapted in real time at the user and impression level.

Cision, a leading provider of cloud-based PR software, services and tools for the marketing and public relations industry, chose MapR because of its ability to help them scale their business more flexibly, efficiently and cost-effectively.


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