Telecommunications Use Cases

Communications Service Providers Use MapR to Reduce Churn, Improve Efficiency and Generate New Revenue Streams

With the explosive growth of smart phones, communications service providers (CSPs) are seeing huge expansion in the volume of data travelling across their networks. While CSPs have always collected voice data, today’s data is much more complex and includes photos, video, streaming music, web browsing, location data, social media, text messages, email, and more. Traditional storage and analytics solutions cannot adequately manage this expanding, diverse volume of data.

CSPs need new storage and analysis solutions so they can cost-effectively store and derive insights from this growing and invaluable volume of customer data. CSPs have a major opportunity to gain value from this data across their entire enterprise, including customer insights for marketing and product development, network operations, sales, and risk management.

The MapR Converged Data Platform provides CSPs with a cost-effective and scalable platform to ingest, store and analyze their customer data in real time. Being able to analyze multiple types of data in context will help CSPs develop new insights about their customers, deliver relevant location-based services and targeted promotions, increase the accuracy and speed of fraud detection, and help to manage networks more efficiently.

Telecommunications Use Cases

Operational Intelligence
Telcos can benefit from big data analytics by gaining a deeper understanding of switching, frequency utilization, and capacity use for capacity planning and management. Analyzing consumption of services and bandwidth in specific regions helps with planning locations for infrastructure investment. Capturing and analyzing data produced by the infrastructure and by sensors can accelerate troubleshooting information about the network. The MapR Converged Data Platform can efficiently collect and store huge volumes of sensor data and scale as data grows.

Customer Churn Analysis
Accurate diagnosis of customer churn and enabling of alerts when a customer exhibits behavior that suggests imminent defection is a critical requirement for telcos. By looking at multiple factors, such as comments on social media and declining usage, along with historical data that show patterns of behavior that suggest churn, companies can predict when a customer is at risk of defecting. The MapR Converged Data Platform helps bring together customer transaction data and communication streams from customers in real-time that can show how customers feel about their service. This is critical for detecting and addressing customer satisfaction issues in real time.

Fraud Detection
CSPs need to protect their customers and their bottom line by proactively detecting fraudulent activities. They can analyze usage data, location-specific data and customer account data in real time to model baseline “normal” behavior. The MapR Converged Data Platform can enable building of predictive models that can flag anomalous phone calls that might indicate theft or hacking, both in business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments.

Clickstream Analysis
Communications service providers can generate more revenue and create better customer experiences by tracking and analyzing customer clickstreams to understand their preferences and propensity to buy. For example, if clickstreams show a customer has been researching specific products, the CSP can serve up targeted promotions or offers to that individual customer. They can optimize web pages to increase conversion including cross-sell opportunities.The MapR Converged Data Platform helps ingests data faster, enables streaming writes to update models and target customers quicker.

CSPs can make more accurate and relevant recommendations to customers in real time by analyzing customer call logs, usage and customer satisfaction data combined with social media data to understand customer preferences and behavior. These recommendations can include cross-selling new services, matching pricing plans, or making targeted offers for sports or music enthusiasts. The MapR Converged Data Platform delivers real-time capabilities that enable recommendations to be delivered at just the right time and place.

Product Development
CSP product managers can gain valuable insights by collecting and analyzing the diverse and rich data generated from their customers’ mobile devices. They can use insights into customer behavior and usage to identify new product features or services to improve customer loyalty. They can also tailor services to different segments or regions based on usage patterns. The MapR Converged Data Platform can be used to store fine-grained data about product usage over time and correlate that with customer likes and dislikes through advanced analytics.

Network Management/Optimization
Communications service providers can optimize quality of service and routing by being able to analyze network traffic in real time. This enables them to respond to fluctuations in traffic and reallocate bandwidth as needed. They can use the MapR Converged Data Platform to identify and resolve network bottlenecks, manage capacity to plan for infrastructure investments and maintain quality of service, and optimize the network for their most valuable customers.

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