Act Locally, Learn Globally with MapR at the Edge

Full Functionality at the Core, Now Extended to IoT and Edge Environments.


IoT and Data Prerequisites for Building Smart Factories

Building ML models and moving them to production for IoT and edge environments is challenging. Organizations quickly run out of options with traditional offerings when building smart solutions for edge devices.

With MapR at the edge you can:

  • Data Scientist - ML models Execute ML models to instantly convert insights into action
  • Data Scientist - ML and Analytics Bring the most important data back to the cloud or on-premises environments for deeper ML and analytics
  • Data Scientist - IoT data Enrich existing ML models and build new ones using IoT data

Make applications work for IoT without re-writing them. Same platform, same APIs, same toolsets as your core platform.

With MapR at the edge you can:

  • Developers - write applications once Write applications once and run on edge configurations
  • Developers - real-time streams Capture real-time streams of data without fear of missing critical information
  • Developers - APIs Access files, tables, and streams via standard, open APIs
  • Developers - Containerize AI and ML models Containerize AI and ML models and train them against all data

An IoT strategy can run out-of-control and go over budget very quickly. IoT platform vendors lock you into their core API and cloud platforms. Today's industrial IoT use-cases require a flexible platform.

With MapR at the edge you can:

  • CxOs - lower bills 30% Improve productivity up to 30%
  • CxOs - lower admin costs Combine operational decision-making with real-time analysis of data
  • CxOs - avoid lock-in Bring data from assets in space- and bandwidth-constrained environments
  • CxOs - go hybrid faster Maintain a streaming system of record for audits

Which Problem Will You Solve with MapR at the Edge?

Manufacturing plants are complex enterprises with lots of moving parts. With dozens of physical assets, existing applications, and a complex supply chain, you are constantly on the lookout for improving operational efficiencies. You need to do more with less. You need to build more product at less cost, while improving quality. By using MapR at the edge, you can optimize yield and reduce downtime, waste, and the overall cost of product quality.

Manufacturers have selected MapR at the core and at the edge as the data platform of choice to leverage IoT data and predict equipment failure. MapR Event Store can help you make sense of your enterprise’s streaming data and assets, support exploration activities, and help you derive data-driven insights quickly -- all without being locked into a cloud or toolkit.

As an oil and gas firm, your priorities are effective use of physical assets, wells, and seismic data collected across all wells. Customers are using the MapR Data Platform and MapR Edge to ingest data throughout the exploration, reservoir engineering, drilling, and production processes. Additionally, customers can predict corrosion and proactively repair pipelines to maximize uptime using IoT data from tanks and valves.

Since offshore oil rigs have limited internet connectivity, MapR Edge also helps rig operators collect well and application data onboard the rig, execute limited computation right there, and send the “interesting” data to onshore data centers for further analytics and ML. This helps rig operators make intelligent decisions individualized per rig based on the weather or supply and demand patterns.

As a mining company, your formula is simple: leverage big data to mine more material or reduce the assets and inputs needed to maintain current levels of production. You need to deploy IoT devices and gather data from them to improve the quality and grade of ore delivered to processing plants, boosting performance while reducing energy consumption and water use.

MapR Edge delivers enterprise-grade security, reliability, flexibility, and scale to global mining operations. It integrates Hadoop, Spark, and Apache Drill with real-time database capabilities, global event streaming, and scalable enterprise storage to power a new generation of big data applications for mining.

If your business buys goods from suppliers or delivers finished goods (or both), perfecting your supply chain with better demand spike and trough predictability is your priority. Also important is improving raw material procurement with better fleet management solutions and optimized truck routes. With MapR Edge onboard trucks, logistics companies are accurately tracking the movement of vehicles and products to identify the costs of various transportation and process options.

MapR Edge is capable of analyzing historical, time-stamped location data, enabling manufacturers to calculate optimal delivery routes and dynamic rerouting to minimize the impact of arbitrary obstacles like traffic, energy prices, and weather. Businesses can also leverage their optimal delivery system to generate revenue from premium/expedited delivery services as these services are increasingly in demand.

Estimates at the low-end predict nearly 25 billion IoT devices by 2020. Few of these devices will have immediate access to cloud infrastructure or processing capabilities. MapR Edge addresses the need to capture and analyze data generated by IoT devices close to the source. MapR Edge provides secure local processing, quick aggregation of insights on a global basis, and the ability to push intelligence back to the edge for a faster and more significant business impact. With MapR Edge, you can act locally and learn globally.

Several unique capabilities from MapR let you simultaneously harness the power of data at the Edge while leveraging the power of the cloud. Optimized for IoT and edge environments, MapR Edge lets you store, process, and analyze data even when space is constrained or network connections are poor or unavailable. A single, unified namespace ties it all together, giving you a single view into all your data wherever it might be - at the edge, on-premises, or in one or more clouds. Finally, the Edge to Cloud File Migrate feature lets you automatically move files from a MapR Edge cluster to cloud object storage in real time.

There is a vast improvement on the implementation of new customer sites. We can reduce the time needed to implement new customer supply chains by 50 percent. And because we have more insight into our own data, we expect to achieve savings in our supply chain and our procurement cost. This will result in improved services and TCO for our customers.

Laurent Chavagne, Director Business Innovation at MAG45


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