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Make decisions

Make Decisions with Confidence

Machine learning models can predict business outcomes. However, when data scientists can leverage only sample data to create ML models, the accuracy of these models may not inspire confidence in business insights.

With MapR, your data science team has secure and direct access to all your data. Machine learning models can be trained on the entire data set, improving the accuracy of predictions. You can confidently rely on ML to help make business decisions, either automated or manual.

Improve data scientist productivity

Improve Data Scientist Productivity

Modern businesses create data across multiple data sources, at various locations, in a multitude of formats. It is a challenge for data scientists to get timely access to all relevant data, which limits their productivity.

With MapR Data Science Refinery, data scientists do not have to rely on IT to provide access to data, once the initial permissions are set. Our open approach to data science toolkits also allows data scientists to select the tools of their choice. As a result, data science teams are more productive.

Real-time predictions

Make Predictions in Real Time

New data relevant to your business is created across multiple applications. It is not easy to feed this data into existing machine learning models to make real-time predictions.

With built-in replicable and replayable event streaming, MapR enables deployment of real-time machine learning pipelines. As relevant data is created by internal and external data sources, feed it in real time to your machine learning models to make predictions and decisions.

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Machine Learning Use Cases

Quality Control Improvement

Reduce the number of defective devices/parts shipped by your company. MapR converges all data points related to your manufacturing process and makes them available to your data science team to build anomaly detection models.

Demand Forecasting

Forecast demand for your products and services in real time and prepare to respond ahead of time. MapR provides built-in streaming for feeding real-time data from internal and external sources into machine learning models to predict demand.

Enhanced Customer Targeting

Measure the relevance of every product to every customer and present the most relevant products. MapR powers the operational data hub to converge all customer activity, providing easy access for building ML models to map customer behavior.

Real-Time Fraud Prevention

Detect fraudulent behavior in real time to protect your business from financial losses. MapR provides real-time streaming pipelines to analyze each transaction, using ML models for fraud as the transaction is happening, enabling you to prevent the fraud.

Get ML/AI Advantage

Self-Service Data Science, Secure Access to All Data, Production Scale

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