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Better Quality Assurance, Predictive Maintenance, Supply Chain Risk Management

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Autonomous vehicle

Autonomous Vehicles

DXC Robotic Drive accelerates end-to-end engineering and testing in autonomous driving development by enabling the autonomous driving platform, toolkit, and expertise that R&D and IT teams need to collect, manage, analyze, train, and simulate massive amounts of global sensor data at significant speed, to reduce time- and cost-to-market in the race to develop fully autonomous vehicles. DXC and MapR have already been selected and are in deployment with a major global manufacturer. MapR's unique distributed, high-reliability, and multi-cloud capabilities provide unique advantages for the data and training workloads within the development of autonomous driving.

Better quality assurance

Better Quality Assurance

Take measurements of work-in-progress products to find defects as early as possible and identify any potential process or design flaws. With the MapR Converged Data Platform, you can store long histories of sensor data while also enabling faster, early-warning analytics that correlate real-time measurements with other isolated data to improve product quality and yield.

With a high performance NoSQL database management system and an event streaming system built into the MapR Platform, test data is made available and analyzed in real-time to reveal important insights.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

For revenue-generating operations equipment, downtime results in significant lost revenue as well as costly repairs. The MapR Platform enables manufacturers to collect huge volumes of data and perform predictive analytics against the data at high speed to avoid breakdowns on the production line.

MapR provides a Distributed Deep Learning Quick Start solution that enables manufacturers to continuously deliver quality assurance even after a product is shipped by capturing and processing usage patterns and alerting customers when specific maintenance is needed.

Supply chain risk management

Supply Chain Risk Management

Track the movement of vehicles and products to identify the costs of various transportation and process options. By using the MapR Platform to analyze large volumes of historical, time-stamped location data and to map out potential delays, manufacturers can dynamically optimize delivery routes to ensure production isn’t interrupted by traffic, energy prices, and weather.

With MapR Managed Services, you can get immediate value out of the MapR Platform. MapR Managed Services keep your platform operational and secure 24x7 with full support, maintenance, and monitoring so manufacturers can focus on building new apps and products.

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Manufacturing Use Cases

Assembly Line Quality Assurance

Take measurements of work-in-progress products to find defects early, while also identifying any design flaws. The MapR Converged Data Platform can correlate real-time measurements with other data and apply fast, early-warning analytics to identify product flaws.

Predictive Maintenance

Minimize Non-Productive Time (NPT) by monitoring equipment or product utilization in a live environment to identify patterns that indicate imminent failure. MapR enables continuous analysis of an entire system and helps predict when failure might occur.

Real-Time Parts Flow Monitoring

By attaching sensors to all parts in the production process, manufacturers can have a single, real-time production view. The MapR Platform can collect sensor readings and analyze the data to optimize production quality and yield.

Product Quality Monitoring

After a product ships, manufacturers should be able to assess its performance. With MapR, readings from sensors and data feeds from consumer devices can be combined and analyzed to predict the time and cause of future failures.

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Better Quality Assurance, Predictive Maintenance, Supply Chain Risk Management

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