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Audience of One, Faster Time-to-Air, Optimize Advertising Effectiveness

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Audience of one

Audience of One

Understand changing patterns of consumption and create strong personal relationships with your audience.

With the MapR Converged Data Platform, marketers can store and analyze data, such as demonstrated needs or wants, geographic location, demographics, psychographics, and buying intent in the buying decision. Leveraging vast amounts of data for real-time analysis strengthens the success of delivering to an audience of one.

Faster time-to-air

Faster Time-to-Air

Manage data growth from production to collaborative editing to post-production efficiently without compromising access. MapR helps with data management while reducing storage costs in multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

The MapR Converged Data Platform makes it easy to store and manage any data by providing users a unified view and access method to data, regardless of the location of the data. In addition to data storage, analytics from the MapR Platform can inform what consumer engagement is more profitable.

Optimize ad

Optimize Advertising Effectiveness

Advertising technology companies should be able to optimize advertising and promotions by measuring their effectiveness and adjusting campaign tactics in real time for better ad targeting and cost savings.

MapR provides a unified data platform for integrating data, such as searches, ads, and emails from all digital channels, and analyzing click-through rates, impressions, and time-to-conversion. Advertisers can rely on robust MapR Platform features, such as high availability, data protection, and data recovery to power real-time ad analysis and optimization.

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Media and Entertainment Use Cases

Improved Ad Targeting

Digital advertisers need to analyze massive amounts of consumer data in order to offer those consumers more personalized and targeted ads for products and services. MapR enables advertisers to seamlessly run a real-time automated advertising platform.

Personalized Recommendations

Informed, always-connected consumers now expect greater personalization in terms of how products, services, and experiences are delivered to them. MapR helps to provide a single view of the consumer across all channels and reveal consumer insights.

Predicting What Audiences Want

The potential to mine data to understand what content, shows, movies, and music consumers want is huge. With MapR, analyzing viewing history, searches, reviews, ratings, and social media sentiment takes the guesswork out of identifying audience interest.

Enhanced Game Player Engagement

Gaming companies are always looking for new ways to increase player retention and monetization. With advanced analytics to uncover player insights and common user characteristics, game developers can now focus on creating much more meaningful experiences.

MapR Data Solutions for Media and Entertainment

Audience of One, Faster Time-to-Air, Optimize Advertising Effectiveness

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