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MapR for Oil and Gas

Improve Exploration Effectiveness, Enhance Oil Recovery, Reduce Health Risks

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Improve exploration

Improve Exploration Effectiveness

Reduce the cost of new exploration by performing ”identity traces” to identify previously overlooked, yet potentially productive seismic trace signatures.

With the MapR Converged Data Platform, oil and gas companies can store and analyze image files, sensor data, and seismic measurements to make informed decisions on drilling activity. Similarly, the MapR Platform can be used to inform analysts how weather patterns can impact operational processes.

Oil recovery

Enhance Oil Recovery

Extend the life and get more production from existing assets. Know when to make changes in the oil reservoir over time and when to make changes in your oil lifting methods.

The MapR Converged Data Platform can bring together seismic, drilling, and production data, and provide key analytics to enhance oil recovery from existing wells. Predictive analytics from the MapR Platform can help accelerate decision-making and drive increased efficiency.

Reduce health risks

Reduce Health Risks

Solve problems before they become serious. Oil and gas companies should be able to identify potential safety issues or environment risks, increase overall safety, and reduce labor and equipment costs.

MapR provides a cost-effective data platform for integrating and storing vast amounts of data–both from current and historical data points–to accelerate analysis. Along with data storage, integrated streaming analytics can provide real-time insights to refine models, prevent and address problems, and boost productivity.

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Oil and Gas Use Cases

New Oil Prospect Identification

Well data, seismic data, and industry news can be used to evaluate potential oil fields, identify optimum oil drilling locations, and bid on oil leases. The MapR Converged Data Platform helps with analysis of geospatial data and other reports.

Equipment Maintenance

Predicting equipment failures requires real-time analysis of sensor data from equipment as well as geological data. Analytics from the MapR Platform can inform when equipment might fail, providing insights for preventive maintenance.

Environmental Safety

By using the MapR Converged Data Platform to analyze data from a variety of sources, anomalies in drilling and well problems can be detected in real-time to increase the environmental health and safety of oil rigs and drills.

Enhanced Security

The ability to identify patterns that could indicate an imminent security threat is crucial to keeping personnel, property, and equipment safe. Predictive analytics from the MapR Platform helps with identifying such patterns and preventing threats.

MapR Data Solutions for Oil and Gas

Improve Exploration Effectiveness, Enhance Oil Recovery, Reduce Health Risks

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