MapR for Civil Service

Enhance Quality of Service Delivery, Improve Public Safety, Increase Workforce Productivity

Service delivery

Enhance Quality of Service Delivery

People depend on public services, such as health care, education, sanitation, and criminal justice, being delivered well.

The MapR open data platform allows anyone to create applications that empower citizens to provide feedback on services they receive and play an active role in making choices for their well-being. And with data governance, users from different organizations can share trusted information to better coordinate their efforts to improve healthcare, education, response to crisis, or public safety.

Public Safety

Improve Public Safety

When every second counts, accelerating decisions and increasing analysis efficiency and accuracy can help responders save lives and improve public safety outcomes.

MapR provides first responders with real-time information, such as alerts of suspicious behavior to improve situational awareness and on-location effectiveness. With MapR Streaming Analytics, integrating data from connected sensors, cameras, and existing databases creates a full picture of the situation to support a public-safety agency’s specific needs faster.

Workforce Productivity

Increase Workforce Productivity

Government employees should be able to use technology to be more productive and more effective. MapR helps governments leverage machines to augment the cognitive and collaborative abilities of their workforce.

Both data governance and advanced analytics from the MapR Platform provide governments with an effective way to give employees the real-time, insightful data they need and empower them to act on intelligence. Strong privacy protections enforce responsible data use and build public confidence in handling sensitive information.

Civil Service Use Cases

Cyber Security

Gather, integrate, analyze, and respond to insider threat information and suspicious system and network activities. The MapR Platform helps to unify data from separate firewalls and security systems and deliver faster insights via integrated AI capabilities.

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Government organizations need to be able to detect healthcare fraud based on analysis of anomalies in billing data, procedural benchmark data or patient records. The MapR Platform can help identify inaccurate claims in a systematic, repeatable way.

Tax Compliance

Tax organizations can use the MapR Platform to analyze both unstructured and structured data from various sources and identify suspicious behavior and multiple identities that could lead to tax fraud. MapR helps to proactively detect and prevent tax fraud.

Scientific Research

Create an infrastructure for managing, curating, and serving data to communities. MapR helps to solve problems in research by uncovering protein structures and biological pathways and provides geoscientists tools to analyze and share information about our planet.

MapR Data Solutions for Civil Service

Enhance Quality of Service Delivery, Improve Public Safety, Increase Workforce Productivity