MapR for Defense

Enhance Situation Awareness, Improve Military Planning and Operations, Deliver Better Healthcare

Defense enhance awareness

Enhance Situation Awareness

Fuse data from every unmanned system, location, user, and event for a more complete picture of the situation. During combat, the ability to see what’s in the vicinity and anticipate what’s not - can save lives.

MapR provides a Data Warehouse Optimization Solution that augments existing systems by reducing workloads from these systems and cost-effectively combining and analyzing any amount or type of data for as long as necessary. With MapR Edge, data management and protection capabilities are brought to remote locations for faster and more efficient decision-making.

Improve planning and operations

Improve Military Planning and Operations

Ensure appropriate force generation and deployment as needed with well-prepared resources and personnel. MapR’s streaming analytics enhances overall operational agility by capturing and and storing real-time data in one place, and delivering insights to users at all levels as fast as possible.

The defense sector can improve operational readiness, service member safety, and supply management by optimizing equipment usage and inventory. Predictive analytics from the MapR Platform prepares engineers to handle any maintenance task and predict possible equipment failure based on usage, wear, and surrounding conditions.

Better healthcare

Deliver Better Healthcare

Deliver faster, better care to our men and women in uniform. Whether they receive treatment on base, at sea or in the combat theater, service members should be able to manage their health care as they move through the system and across the globe.

With the MapR Platform, the defense organization can build a comprehensive patient health record that interoperates with legacy and newer systems in the private and public sectors to save clinicians and patient time while reducing potential medical errors.

Defense Use Cases

Cyber Security

Gather, integrate, analyze, and respond to insider threat information and suspicious system and network activities. The MapR Platform helps to unify data from separate firewalls and security systems and deliver faster insights via integrated AI capabilities.

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Government organizations need to be able to detect healthcare fraud based on analysis of anomalies in billing data, procedural benchmark data or patient records. The MapR Platform can help identify inaccurate claims in a systematic, repeatable way.

Preventive Maintenance and Quality Assurance

Predict the failure of an asset for better availability, utilization and performance. By using a converged data platform, the Department of Defense can prevent costly unexpected downtime and improve diagnosis while keeping service members safe.

Military Health Care

Track and share important trends in disease burden, patient care, prescription patterns and more for service members in order to look at specific health conditions that impact a member’s overall health. MapR can help make the data more manageable, useful and informative.

MapR Data Solutions for Defense

Enhance Situation Awareness, Improve Military Planning and Operations, Deliver Better Healthcare