MapR for Intelligence

Improve Intelligence Integration, Secure Information Sharing, Predict Crime

Improve intelligence

Improve Intelligence Integration

Synchronize data and analysis across national centers to provide broad support to decision makers in various government communities and operate as one team.

MapR Data Warehouse Optimization reduces workloads from existing systems while integrating data from disconnected data silos at massive scale. Built on an open architecture, capable of interfacing with existing investments and newer data sources, the MapR Platform enables intelligence officers to quickly answer questions that were previously impossible to answer by performing multi-dimensional analysis.

Intelligence Secure Sharing

Secure Information Sharing

Ensure a high level of data quality and integrity and comply with data protection policies for overall sharing effectiveness.

MapR Data Governance Quick Start Solution facilitates data access and sharing through a rich set of APIs that enable end-to-end data tracking and management across the enterprise. The MapR Platform uses data lineage techniques and security controls that authenticate, authorize, and audit access to data while keeping the data secure. These built-in protections enable organizations to create and maintain trust in data quality without any loss in analytic effectiveness.

Intelligence predict crime

Predict Crime

Use data to anticipate future events and, if needed, take action. Deep learning from the MapR Platform enables the integrated intelligence community to shift through large data sets in order to find patterns between seemingly unconnected information and predict when and where trouble is likely to occur, protecting the nation’s safety and interests in a proactive and effective way.

From dynamic posts on social networks to video to historical data from archived reports, MapR helps to continually analyze data both domestically and abroad and learn how to recognize danger and react to it appropriately.

Intelligence Use Cases

Cyber Security

Gather, integrate, analyze, and respond to insider threat information and suspicious system and network activities. The MapR Platform helps to unify data from separate firewalls and security systems and deliver faster insights via integrated AI capabilities.

Data Management and Governance

When data becomes a shared asset, it’s important to be able to manage and track data movement in order to ensure responsible use of the data. MapR has built-in security and data lineage capabilities that help to balance interests between security and privacy.

Anticipatory Intelligence

With the MapR Platform, intelligence agencies can perform continuous, automated analysis of publicly available data from social networks, news reports, YouTube videos, GPS, and other sources of information to predict social unrest, economic instability, and emerging threats.

Enterprise Knowledge Base

National security relies more and more on big data. The MapR Platform makes it possible for multiple users across organizations to share and disseminate actionable intelligence insights while maintaining data integrity with built-in controls and interoperable solutions.

MapR Data Solutions for Intelligence

Improve Intelligence Integration, Secure Information Sharing, Predict Crime