Customer 360: Knowing Your Customer is Step One

For marketing organizations, knowing your customer is a governing factor in how successful you can be to reach and influence them. As the depth and breadth of new, customer-related data sources has grown, the definition of Customer 360 has evolved. Our view of the customer must move from a static master profile, to an evolving, high definition story.

The Customer 360 Quick Start Solution from MapR is a data science-led product and services offering that establishes this dynamic Customer 360 model. It features powerful machine learning techniques using frameworks such as TensorFlow and the stability, scale and performance of the MapR Converged Data Platform to form the basis for advanced data-driven digital marketing use cases like:

  • Upsell and cross sell
  • Micro-segmentation
  • Call center analytics
  • Customer churn analytics
  • Customer, ad, and content targeting
  • Recommendation Engine

Key business benefits include:

  • An enterprise class data platform with virtually limitless scale that supports a rich choice of open source and commercial processing engines and analytical tools for marketers
  • Extensive collaboration with key stakeholders to build a high quality, customized customer model on which to build digital marketing solutions
  • Clear demonstration of value to business and technical stakeholders
  • Continuous training and knowledge transfer during the engagement about tools, techniques and use case roadmap

What's Included?



Trial subscription of MapR Converged Data Platform Enterprise Premier for the duration of the quick-start.

professional services

Professional Services

3-10 weeks of engagement with MapR Professional Services Engineers and Data Scientists (Duration varies based upon the particular quick start.)



2 Academy Pro Subscriptions including Certification Exams.

Key solution capabilities

The Customer 360 Quick Start Solution puts you on the path to meeting your digital marketing goals. By the end of the 6 week engagement:

  • A tuned and operational MapR Converged Data Platform cluster is installed and configured
  • A process for data ingestion and preparation is defined where data sources are identified and prioritized and customer targets defined. Data is then ingested into the MapR cluster and modeling populations are created.
  • Advanced machine learning and model training is done and predictive content for model training is determined. Machine learning algorithms are identified and applied, and modeling metrics are identified and applied through multiple iterations.
  • Customer preparation and training is done after identifying the optimal use cases and thresholds. Customers are trained on interpreting/implementing a scoring model, reason codes, and model metrics. Finally, key customer stakeholders are trained on the process as a whole to ensure a clear path forward.

Using this approach, MapR data scientists use the MapR Converged Data Platform and distributed machine learning algorithms to provide an enterprise-grade analytics capability that can easily be refined and modified to respond to new data sets, new customer 360 models, and new digital marketing solutions.

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