Data Governance without Compromise

Governance in the age of big data presents a unique set of challenges that only MapR is equipped to address. MapR was built from the ground up to be a governed and trusted data platform, enabling full security and compliance without compromising on agility.

Still, governance can be a daunting concept. It can be helpful to get trained experts to guide you along your governance journey.

What's Included?



Trial subscription of MapR Converged Data Platform Enterprise Premier for the duration of the quick-start.

professional services

Professional Services

3-10 weeks of engagement with MapR Professional Services Engineers and Data Scientists (Duration varies based upon the particular quick start.)



2 Academy Pro Subscriptions including Certification Exams.

Metadata Management & Lineage Visualization

Visualize Lineage

MapR Data governance

Store Metadata in Systems that Scale

MapR meta storage growth

Solving for these challenges and many more, MapR simplifies governance across the enterprise including edge, cloud, and on-premises, and we do it all by enabling full security and compliance without compromising on agility.

Key Solution Capabilities:

  • Breakthrough Approach to Lineage. Provide a robust, scalable mechanism to replay data ingestion from any point and rebuild derivative databases. Construct data lineage, which is helpful to organizations in heavily regulated industries such as government, healthcare, and financial services. Use converged platform capabilities to “go back in time” and re-run Machine Learning experiments on the exact same data sets, ensuring repeatable results.
  • Metadata Management at Scale. Use MapR Database and native JSON documents to store and query metadata (such as data sources, transformations, stewardship, etc.) in a highly scalable and efficient manner.
  • Platform-Based Security. Solve for all four pillars of security (authentication, authorization, auditing, and data protection) using platform-level capabilities that don’t require external tools or open source projects.
  • Secure, Self-Service Data Discovery. Use interactive SQL powered by Apache Drill to allow users to discover data without first having to create a schema. Ensure granular security during the discovery process by empowering data owners and administrators to expose portions, or even obfuscated portions, of data.
  • Data Lifecycle Management. Assign policies to place data in restricted zones based on criteria such as the data’s age, temperature, or tenancy requirements; archive or delete cold data at once.

MapR compliance-ready lineage diagram