The MapR Clarity Program for Data Warehouse Optimization and Modernization

MapR + Arcadia Data = A Smart DWO Solution


Data Lakes Are Worth Saving

Data warehouses have traditionally been the repository of choice for all enterprise data. But with the evolution of new data-driven use cases, applications, and types of data, enterprises are rethinking their data warehouse strategy. Data warehouses are not designed for many modern data types popular today and thus requiring excessive IT time and effort to prepare new data types for analysis. Moreover, traditional BI tools don’t scale as data warehouses get larger and the number of concurrent users increases over time. Business users increasingly want forward-looking insights that require machine learning and advanced analytical toolkits to work on structured, unstructured, and streaming data. The goal behind data warehouse optimization (DWO) for enterprises is to run individual workloads where they are best suited with a scalable query mechanism seamlessly built into it.

Data warehouse modernization from MapR and Arcadia Data goes beyond other competitive DWO offerings available in the market today. Customers benefit from interactive business intelligence (BI) dashboards, easy-to-use natural language querying on enterprise-wide data, rich correlation and deeper analytics, policy-driven data-tiering of archive data, and large-scale batch analysis on historical data, to name a few.

Platform Diagram (with Arcadia Data)

MapR Platform diagram with Arcadia Data

With the MapR Clarity Program, customers benefit from:


The industry’s leading data
platform for AI and analytics.
Available today.


MapR experts assess your existing data warehouse and suggest optimization strategies that are aligned with your business outcomes, support and performance requirements. You are provided with a step-by-step modernization plan to migrate from the competitive offering to MapR, if applicable.


Courses cover essentials on topics such as artificial intelligence and Kubernetes,
and deep-dives on topics such as
Spark 2.1 and SQL Analytics.

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A valued partner with a visualization and BI/analytics engine native to the MapR platform.

Arcadia Data gives you a comprehensive BI platform with advanced capabilities like large-scale natural language querying and AI-driven dashboard acceleration to let your business users run fast, interactive dashboards on data in MapR.


Interactive Analytics for End Users

  • MapR and Arcadia Data cost effectively provide fast, interactive, BI-style analytics suited for most business user requirements.

MapR Data Platform

Visualizations on Machine Learning Outputs

  • MapR is an ideal platform for machine learning frameworks, and Arcadia Data helps make sense of all the outputs via visualizations.

Analytics on Enriched Data Sets

  • Add external data sets such as location-based intelligence to more easily uncover hidden insights. Use Arcadia Data visualizations, including mapping technologies, to get deeper insights from your enriched data.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Log File Data Analysis

  • Unstructured data types grow rapidly. MapR clusters efficiently store unstructured data to handle the large volume and fast growth.

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