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Influence Purchases, Personalize the Shopping Experience, Optimize Inventory Flow

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MapR retail influence purchases

Influence Purchases

Use mobile, social media and e-commerce channels to understand the shopper's digital journey before her visit to a physical store and influence her purchase in-store, in real time.

The MapR Converged Data Platform can help retailers see meaningful connections across all channels. Recommendation engines from the MapR Platform help shoppers discover products they weren't searching for but would be inclined to buy. This type of analysis can help retailers boost business by forecasting future trends based on present and past data.

Personalize the shopping experience

Personalize the Shopping Experience

Make sense of all your data to optimize merchandising efforts, create the right shopping experience with loyalty apps and drive timely offers to incent consumers to complete purchases in-store or online.

With MapR, retailers can connect IoT devices, loyalty programs, CRM systems, and technologies such as interactive signage and displays to personalize the shopping experience based on shopper behavior. MapR Customer 360 Quick Start Solution helps to develop better customer relationships by learning and adjusting to how customers and markets evolve.

Optimize Inventory Flow

Optimize Inventory Flow

Retailers should be able to get the right inventory to the right store or channel at the right time, and improve overall performance. With MapR, retailers can make data-driven planning, allocation, and replenishment to boost the bottom line.

The MapR Platform can help integrate data from point-of-sale systems, inventory management systems, and external factors such as weather and traffic to track inventory flow and issue restocking alerts when supplies run low. Store associates now have full inventory visibility to engage customers with accurate product information.

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Retail Use Cases

360° Customer View

Retailers can improve customer satisfaction and sales opportunities by integrating all relevant online and offline customer interactions into one single view. The MapR Converged Data Platform can be used to obtain that single view.

Loyalty Program Benefits

Retailers can extend their loyalty program benefits to reward good product or brand ambassadors. The MapR Platform can capture and analyze individual customer activity over time, enabling retailers to recognize their best customers.

Up-sell/Cross-Sell Recommendations

Retailers can increase sales by recommending relevant products and promotions in real time. The MapR Platform provides capabilities that enable recommendations to be delivered at the right time and place to the right device.

Dynamic Pricing Across Multiple Channels

Consumers shop across multiple channels; slight differences in pricing can affect their purchase decisions. The MapR Platform can incorporate variables such as weather, location and social media presence of a customer into real-time pricing strategies.

MapR Data Solutions for Retail

Influence Purchases, Personalize the Shopping Experience, Optimize Inventory Flow

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