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MapR telecommunications improve efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Telecom operators should be able to optimize their existing infrastructure and reduce the cost of expansion. With a converged data platform, you can reduce costs and optimize value related to your data warehouse.

MapR provides a Data Warehouse Optimization Solution that augments current data warehouse systems by reducing workload from these systems and cost-effectively storing large volumes of data, including unstructured data. Along with data storage, MapR packages event streams and application processing technologies into a single platform for global performance monitoring, call routing efficiency, and strong security.

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Improve Service

Understand customer needs at a fine-grained level in order to provide fast and friendly service and customer service plans for businesses and individual customers.

With solutions like Customer 360 and our Recommendation Engine, MapR enables telecom operators to increase revenue with real-time personalized offers, decrease churn by anticipating customer actions and recommending the next best action, and optimize the customer lifetime value.

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Generate New Business

Telecom firms are uniquely positioned to offer actionable insights to new and adjacent businesses, such as digital advertisers, content providers, retailers, and more. The MapR Converged Data Platform makes it easier to ingest, store, and analyze the volume and variety of data at scale in multi-cloud and hybrid deployments.

Operators can rely on MapR multi-tenancy security and governance capabilities to meet enterprise-class auditing and regulatory compliance requirements and to control costs.

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Telco Use Cases

Customer Churn Analysis

Accurate diagnosis of customer churn in real time is a critical requirement for telcos. The MapR Converged Data Platform brings together customer transaction data and communication streams from customers to help address customer satisfaction issues.

Network Optimization

Communications service providers (CSP) can optimize routing performance by analyzing network traffic in real time. They can use the MapR Platform to identify and resolve network bottlenecks, manage capacity planning, and maintain quality of service.

Product Development

CSPs use insights into customer behavior and usage to identify new product features or services to improve customer loyalty. The MapR Platform stores data about product usage over time and correlates that with customer likes and dislikes.

Fraud Detection

CSPs must protect their customers and their business by proactively monitoring fraudulent activities. The MapR Platform combines and analyzes usage data, location data, and user account data for events that might indicate theft or intrusion.

MapR Data Solutions for Telecommunications

Improve Efficiency and Service, Generate New Business

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