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MapR delivers the latest big data innovations running on top of an enterprise-grade data platform that can natively process files, tables and event streams. Converged Data Platform provides scalable data management and processing services to power data-driven applications based on technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, SQL/NoSQL, JSON, Kafka, and a host of other open source and commercial technologies. The MapR Converged Data Platform can support batch, interactive, and real-time application models on a vast scale. It provides a trusted technology foundation that can secure, protect, compress, encrypt, backup, and recover data for all applications as a single, high-performance system rather than as a costly, repetitive collection of management tasks across loosely-coupled systems.

Hadoop is Just the Beginning

The big data phenomenon has long been associated with the Hadoop ecosystem, and our commitment to Hadoop has garnered top rankings by leading industry research firms and a superb 99%+ customer retention rate. And our customers expand their deployments beyond Hadoop. With other ascendant technologies such as Apache Spark and NoSQL databases, our customers– like our product architects–must look beyond Hadoop to a holistic approach for capturing and managing data, and for creating exciting new applications.

By pursuing a data-centric vision for a new generation of applications, MapR has created an applications platform that converges the management of data of any size, speed, and format. MapR was recently awarded a patent (US9,207,930) for the architecture of the MapR Converged Data Platform

Seamless Integration with

Existing Enterprise Systems

One of the most profound design decisions made by MapR was to create an enterprise-grade file and storage system to house the data of the Hadoop ecosystem. The MapR Distributed File and Object Store, based on the trusted POSIX/NFS standard, makes it vastly easier to get data in and out of the MapR Platform using familiar enterprise tools. MapR also provides developer programmatic access to data with standard interfaces like SQL, HDFS, HBase, JSON, Kafka, and more.

Continuous, Trusted


With our consistent focus on data integrity, MapR has created a hardened, clustered platform that can withstand multiple hardware failures, data center outages, and malicious attacks and intrusions from cybercriminals. Many proven methods of data protection–such as failover, redundancy and access controls–are built into the MapR Platform.

Big Data with

Enterprise Stability

Game-changing big data applications and analytics will continue to rely on open-source software. As a company founded in and contributing to the open-source world of Hadoop and Spark, MapR continues to define enterprise requirements and best practices for successfully using the latest open source innovations. We deliver monthly updates to some open source software packages to ensure you have the latest innovations

Open Source Innovation on a Trusted Platform

The MapR Converged Data Platform is designed to deliver enterprise-grade data services and commercially supported open source innovations to development teams, IT operations, business analysts, and data scientists. Open source technology provides a fantastic creative force when looking to tackle the sophisticated new challenges that big data–and especially new data–can uncover

Without a converged data platform, critical information can get stuck in data silos and an inefficient use of hardware resources can result in a costly “cluster sprawl” of under-utilized servers and storage. With the MapR Platform, businesses can enjoy real-time insights and take action based on secure, protected, high-fidelity data.

“With MapR, we get scale, performance, and significant cost savings, all while retaining the level of reliability that we had with our previous systems.”

—Mike Brown CTO, comScore

What Can Your Data Do For You?

See some of the most popular big data use cases.

CMO: Better Marketing and Advertising

As represented by MapR customers like Rubicon, Comcast, and comScore, a rich collection of advertising and marketing solutions can add real intelligence to the CMO’s decision making. Proven applications such as recommendation engines, ad targeting, analytics to create a 360 degree view of customers, clickstream analytics, and social media analysis are adding science

CISO/CSO: Security Analytics and Fraud Detection

In the world of security, MapR customers Cisco Threat Intelligence Platform group, Solutionary, and others realize that the growth of cybercrime and the detection of advanced threats and intrusions is a big data problem. That is why MapR can address security analytics, fraud detection and anti-money laundering.

CFO: Risk Assessment and Regulatory Compliance

MapR financial services customers including American Express and Wells Fargo use data to model and assess risk, detect fraud and money laundering, and calculate credit worthiness, to assure regulatory compliance and to provide better services to their customers.

COO: Intelligent and Optimized Operations

When more and better data can be applied to core operations like supply chain, travel and logistics, system log analysis, manufacturing quality assurance, preventative maintenance and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, business leaders have the best chance of making operational agility a competitive advantage with the MapR Platform.

MapR Key Partners

MapR Customers Provide a Glimpse of the Future

With hundreds of visionary use cases in production, MapR customers provide a glimpse into the future of what is possible with your business and your data.

UnitedHealthcare Group

Challenge: Provide multiple business units access to data to improve accuracy and efficiency of claims processing and payment integrity

"The idea is to use analytics to ensure that once a claim is received we pay the correct amount, no more, no less, including preventing fraudulent claims. It’s working."

—Alex Barclay Vice President of Advanced Analytics for United Healthcare Payment Integrity


Return on their big data investment


Savings target from fraud, waste and abuse


Challenge: Provide self-service analytics on almost 5 petabytes of data to over 45,000 businesses and 50 million consumers worldwide.

"What started as an IT-led cost-reduction project focused on operational savings has turned into a strategic platform."

—Kevin McClowry Director of Analytic Solution Development for TransUnion


Cost savings compared to legacy architecture


Separate data sources under analytics

Rubicon Project

Challenge: Create an open ad platform for over 100K global advertising brands and over 500 of the world’s premium publishers.

"MapR is at the core of all things Big Data at Rubicon Project."

—Byron Dover Big Data Engineer, Rubicon Project
**125 Billion

Real-time ad auctions per day

**5 Trillion

Transactions per month

Get Started with the MapR Converged Data Platform Today

There are many ways to get started on your big data journey with MapR:

  • Download the free Community Edition
  • Download the full Enterprise Edition with a 30-day trial license
  • Download the MapR Sandbox: a self-contained VM with tutorials and demo applications.
  • Deploy MapR in the cloud on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon AWS

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