MapR Certified Data Analyst 1.9

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About this Certification

The MapR Certified Data Analyst credentialproves that you have ability to perform analytics on large datasets using a variety of tools, including Apache Hive, Apache Pig and Apache Drill.

This certification exam tests your ability to perform typical ETL tasks so that you can manipulate data to perform queries. There are certification questions about existing SQL queries, including debugging malformed queries from a given code snippet, choosing the correct query functions to produce a desired result, and typical troubleshooting tasks.

You will answer 50-60 questions in a 2-hour proctored session.

Exam Topics

  • Extract, Transform, and Load Data with Apache Pig
  • Manipulate Data with Apache Pig
  • Create Tables and Load Data in Apache Hive
  • Query Data with Apache Hive
  • SQL Queries with Drill
  • Working with Self Describing Data
  • Optimize Drill Queries

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Get ready to take the exam by completing the following courses:

Study Guide

Details of what's on the exam, exam logistics, including how to register for an exam day and time, specific exam objectives, sample questions, and additionally recommended study materials can be found in the MCDA Study Guide.

To learn more about this certification and register for the exam check out the MapR Certified Data Analyst on MapR Academy.

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Taking MapR Certification Exam

MapR Exams are remotely proctored. You will take the exam at your desk with a proctor viewing your desktop and your environment using your webcam. To view exam system requirements please the exam requirements in the free Study Guide.

Certification Policies

For Certification policies, details of the program, and common questions please see the Certification Policies page.